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Silverf0x.com is Online Marketing, SEO, Games, Software, Technology Blog. Beside this blog, I am a wordpress specialist and you can see my another blog in Indonesian language, that share my experience as wordpress specialist

Most frustrating problems when starting out blogging

Blogs are meant for people to share new ideas and interest with others around the globe. Blogging offers the potential to make money. Because of this, there are large number of new blogs launched everyday. Unfortunately there are some frustrating challenges that most new bloggers face and in many cases …

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Social Media Icons and Share Buttons for Your Blog

Social Media

Blogging is one of the ways that you can improve your company’s image, gather more readers and clients or customers, and solidify your place as an expert. A great blog can be one of the most powerful tools you have in your marketing arsenal, and you want to make sure …

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Best Ways to Deal with More Competition in Online Marketing

Whatever you do you’re marketing on the online or conventional way, then you have to face the competitions. So for this reason, you have to deal with the competition in the inquisitive ways, so you can survive the onslaught. Moreover, if you like to face the competitions, then you have …

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Social Bookmarking as Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social Bookmarking Sites

Social bookmarking websites are becoming more and more popular.  They allow you to save bookmarks online and Tag/Categorize them with keywords instead of saving them as bookmarks in the favorite’s list of your browser. This is particularly useful when your browser based bookmarks have become unwieldy. It’s also help since …

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Why Images Matter for SEO

If you’ve been experimenting with WordPress search engine optimization for a while, you’re probably already aware of the fact that images do play a pretty significant part in how likely the search engines are to take notice of your content. You also probably know that filling out the tag that …

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Online Marketing Techniques To Get More Traffic

The successful of online marketing depend of how the marketers get or drive more and more traffic to the websites. So, that’s why online marketers always ask how to get more traffic. The answers is “Have your website exposure to as many internet surfers as possible, once people can find …

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Higher Online Visibility for Your Business

The Do’s and Don’ts for Higher Online Visibility If you have a company with an online presence, then you must have wondered at some time or the other why some companies appear at the top of the search results displayed by Google, when a relevant search parameter is entered. The …

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Why SEO basics are so vital for every blogger to learn?

You will be surprised to know that more than 60% of the internet users use different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing on a regular basis. Gradually people are becoming dependent on the search engines to find out even the trivial things like buying a book online or finding …

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Time to Upgrade Your SEO Skills

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very simple technique. Every search engine has its own algorithm that you have to get an idea about and optimize your websites such that more users can find your page in the first few search results. An easy way to understand this is …

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Online Marketing is the Best Marketing with Lower Budget

Nowadays, online marketing have been admitted as part of marketing. Online marketing is less expensive marketing, which make online marketing become favorite marketing in current situation. The positive of online marketing is not just the less expensive or lower budget, but also the result. It can drive more exposure and …

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Inbound Marketing : New Name Old Things

Nowadays, we read or hear a lot of people talk about inbound marketing. It’s like a new marketing concept to generating a exposure and increasing the sales. Should you or your company do the inbound marketing strategy? The first thing you must know, the inbound marketing is not pure a …

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Microsoft stepping towards social media

Social media these days has become the prime source of income. Internet marketing is wide-spread through this board. It created an impact in publicising. It stood as a medium for trademark evangelists for facilitating collaborative tête-à-têtes. The IT giant ‘Microsoft’ has also stepped towards social media for escalating their business. …

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