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Silverf0x.com is Online Marketing, SEO, Games, Software, Technology Blog. Beside this blog, I am a wordpress specialist and you can see my another blog in Indonesian language, that share my experience as wordpress specialist

Shooters WordPress Theme

Shooters Wordpress Theme

Shooters is free wordpress theme that suitable for blogs / sites with games niche, especially shooting games or action games. Shooters WordPress Theme Features : – 2 Columns – Right Sidebar – Featured Category in Slider – Featured Video – 125×125 Ads Ready – 250×250 Ads Ready – Twitter and …

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Prohosting WordPress Theme

Prohosting Wordpress Theme

Prohosting is free wordpress theme that suitable for blogs / sites with webhosting, network, computer or internet niche. Prohosting WordPress Theme Features : – 2 Columns – Right Sidebar – Featured Category in Slider – Featured Video – 125×125 Ads Ready – 250×250 Ads Ready – Twitter and Facebook Ready …

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How to Promote Your Site

Promote your site is a must in internet business. There are billions sites on internet. It’s not useful just create blog or site but there is no one know about your site. Noone know mean you have no traffic. No traffic no revenue / income / money from your site. …

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Pro Evolution Soccer / PES 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 or PES 2012 is the latest PES series, have release since October 2011. I have try PES 2012, Playstation 3 version. After playing PES 2012 I found some bugs in PES 2012. But I also happy with some new features in this PES 2012. So, there …

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Expert in SEO by Doing it by Yourself

Why need to doing SEO by yourself ?? Get success in blogging or make money with blog can not be reached without good ranking in Google. Google Pagerank or Search Engines Result Rank (SERP). That’s why people always said if you want to success in online business, do the SEO. …

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Yahoo Messenger

This morning, when I login to Yahoo Messenger, something weird happened. Everytime the login process succeded, it was automatically show the close button and sign out again. After repeat it 3-5 times, I remember that last time I used the Yahoo Messenger, it showed notification with main message Yahoo Messenger …

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White Wedding WordPress Theme

White Wedding Wordpress Theme

White Wedding is free wordpress theme, suitable for wedding niche site / blog. White Wedding WordPress Theme Features : – 2 columns – Fixed Width – Left Sidebar – Option Page – Pink and White – Wedding Niche – Google Adsense and Analytics Ready – Compatible for major browser, Firefox, …

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Meditation WordPress Theme

Meditation is free wordpress theme. Meditation WP theme suitable for meditation, yoga, health, alternative medicine and other health related niche. Meditation WordPress Theme Feature : – 2 columns – Right Sidebar – Google Analytics and Adsense Ready – Facebook Comment Ready – Related Posts Ready – SEO Optimized – Fast …

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Wijaya WordPress Theme

Wijaya Wordpress Theme

Wijaya WordPress Theme is free wordpress theme, designed with columns layout. This columns layout also can called as magazine or semi  magazine. Wijaya WordPress Theme Features : – Right Sidebar – Fixed Width – General Niche Site – Theme Options / Option Page – Google Adsense and Analytics Ready – …

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Google API Update and SEOQuake

As one of Internet Society, I installed SEOQuake plugin in my firefox. This SEOQuake help me to show stats of sites that I browse. But since last week, I really really confuse, the Pagerank (PR) in SEOQUake always show N/A result. I try to use check PR webtools to find …

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Ferocious Android Malware Attacks

Not long ago it was discovered again two malware that attack mobile phones based on Android. The first is a variant of Light DroidDream who previously had attacked no less than 120,000 mobile phone users Android platform. The second is known as Zitmo. The attack was reported to be more …

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Pro Evolution Soccer / PES 2011 Team Style

The most important when play Pro Evolution Soccer / PES 2011 is PES 2011 team style, about how to setting team style or style of play. Off course, team style related to the formation that you choose. But for my opinion, that’s okay not change or edit the formation, as …

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