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Some Mistakes in Business Blog Design

Nowadays, companies also have the business blog. So, not just people have a blog. Some companies also adopting the blog. The business blog will share or post anything related to company activities, event or products. But not all of that companies success with their blog. So many companies' blog doesn't work like they want. Why ?? Because those business blog do some mistakes from design perspective. Some Mistakes in Business Blog from Web DesignPerspective Bad headlines. Some business blogg

How to Promote Your Site

Promote your site is a must in internet business. There are billions sites on internet. It's not useful just create blog or site but there is no one know about your site. Noone know mean you have no traffic. No traffic no revenue / income / money from your site. So, we must do something to promote your site to the world. 5 ways that you can to promote your site : 1. Good Looking. Good looking mean your site must look good. At least clean, organized and easy to read. You must make it look prof

Google API Update and SEOQuake

As one of Internet Society, I installed SEOQuake plugin in my firefox. This SEOQuake help me to show stats of sites that I browse. But since last week, I really really confuse, the Pagerank (PR) in SEOQUake always show N/A result. I try to use check PR webtools to find out, my SEOQuake is broken or not. But some check PR webtools also error and can not show the result. I try to find out by browsing and ask in webmaster related forum about this. Finally I found out the information, it tell tha

Fix WP Download Counter Plugin

As a wordpress theme designer, I use plugin WP Download Counter to monitoring how many times my themes downloaded. In the first time I used WP Download Counter, I put the file (zip file) in free file directory, because that time my hosting package very limited storage. WP download counter can found on : The current version is version 1.01. Some features of WP Download Counter : Keeps track of the amount of downloads o