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Marketing Using Sonic Games

When I was a kid, I started playing game with console like Nintendo and Sega 32 bit. In that time, Nintendo got famous with Super Mario Bros game, and Sega with its Sonic games the Hedgehog. These time, so many modern console can be found in the market. Console like Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and X-Box also offering game with character Super Mario and Sonic. Almost all those games with great visual, great effect and 3D. But I still miss the classic Super Mario and Sonic. With nostalgi

Facebook and Zynga Loss After IPO

Facebook stock dropped to its lowest level after the social networking site in the world's largest reported a loss of U.S. $ 157 million after the Initial Public Offering (IPO). The results of these financial statements in accordance with the most market estimates, as influenced by reserves set aside for stock grants. But investors are clearly frightened by the signs of slowing up performance. Facebook stock dropped more than 11% to U.S. $ 23.8 in late trading after the announcement of the

After Success with Angry Birds, Rovio Launched Amazing Alex

Rovio, Angry Birds phenomenal game maker launched a new game called Amazing Alex. Unlike the Angry Birds, Amazing Alex is a puzzle games. Amazing Alex available on multi platform such as iPhone, iPad and Android. The question here is whether this new game will be able to gain success like its predecessor, is successfully downloaded to billions of times on various platforms and make Rovio become one of the successful game company. Amazing Alex is a remake of the game Casey's contraptions (c

How to Succeed In Internet Marketing

The advancement of technology has seen a speedy urbanization of businesses. Nowadays, people focus more on online businesses since they have proven to be highly effective in the market. For these businesses to be successful, however, there are a number of things that you need to put in place. It is very important to put down a strategy that is workable so as to get the best of your internet marketing. How to Succeed In Internet Marketing To start with, you need to have in mind the type of cust

Corporate Networks Once Again Fear an Attack from Android

Malware and spyware are still on the loose, this time though, mobile devices with android, are being targeted through websites. It is the first instance in which websites which have been hacked are being used to host malware and spyware and when a mobile device visits the site it is then infected with the malware. This malware, better known as Notcompatible, appears to be targeting Android devices in particular. This Trojan, Notcompatible, is on the prowl for anything running Android though it d

Draw Something, Most Popular Game, Beyond Angry Birds

Draw Something ? What is that ?? If you think that Angry Birds is the most popular game in mobile devices today, according to Zynga, you are wrong. Because, the most downloaded games for mobile phones or tablet now is Draw Something. Yes, Draw Something is a game on mobile devices with the highest growth. Within 50 days, this game has been downloaded 50 million times. In one second, there are 3,000 images can be created with this application. Zynga, which bought the company acquired sim

Against Censorship, Anonymous Hacker Target China Sites

Anonymous hacker group yesterday said it would make China as their target. This anonymous hacker group claimed to have paved the Chinese government's official site 300 as a form of protest against the censorship of information in cyberspace. The struggle will continue. Targets (site to be hacked) we have chosen, the anonymous hacker group said in an email to AFP. Anonymous Hacker Against China Government Censor In his message, Anonymous hacker warned the Chinese government that they are not pe