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Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Final Version

Get the latest and stable version of Firefox 9.0. You will found Super speed, Fast, flexible, secure browser. Huge performance changes have been made in this release, while there aren’t any user interface changes that you’ll notice. What's new in Firefox 9.0: Added Type Inference (The feature now quickly chooses how to handle JavaScript, which doesn’t require a developer to define a variable. That makes the browser work overtime, but with type inference, the difference in performanc

Safari and IE8 Hacked, Chrome and Mozilla Safe on Pwn2Own 2011

Hacking contest to break the security system internet browser and mobile devices called Pwn2Own that lasted as the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Canada, 9-11 March 2011, has ended. As a result, a browser made by Google and Chrome 9 Mozilla Firefox 3.6 that is not broken. While 5 of Apple’s Safari and Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft’s submission on the first day. “I love Pwn2Own! Safari and IE8 broken on the first day, but not with Chrome,” writes Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web

Internet Explore 9 – Beauty of the Web

Finally Internet Explorer 9 released by Microsoft. After last year released the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, this year the full version released. Microsoft call the IE 9 as Beauty of the web. Microsoft believe that website more beautiful if browsed with IE9. If so many people complain about the previous IE because it’s slow, Microsoft believe that IE9 faster the before. Some of Microsoft staff said that IE9 is the fastest browser. IE9 also provide HTML 5 support. After before so many complain