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Knuckle Shot in PES 2012

My review about PES 2012 told how powerful the knuckle shot in PES 2012, especially when doing by Cristiano Ronaldo. I mention it as bug in PES 2012. But if it's still there, no fixed by Konami, I have some information that may be useful when you against player with Knuckle Shot. All You Must Know about Knuckle Shot in PES 2012 Knuckle shot is one of free kick shot technique that popularize by Cristiano Ronaldo in the real soccer world. That's why in PES 2012, Cristiano Ronaldo knuckle shot is

PES 2012 Dribble and Feint

PES 2012 Dribble and Feint almost same with PES 2011 dribble and feint. So, if you have master this in PES 2011, it will be easy. PES 2012 dribble and feint also still have easy control, by assign some dribble trick to the Right Analog Controller. But if you love to do PES 2012 dribble and feint moves by manual, you may see the tutorial below. PES 2012 Dribble and Feint : All tutorial for PES 2012 dribble and feint written with asumption the player moving from the left to the right of scre

Pro Evolution Soccer / PES 2012

Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 or PES 2012 is the latest PES series, have release since October 2011. I have try PES 2012, Playstation 3 version. After playing PES 2012 I found some bugs in PES 2012. But I also happy with some new features in this PES 2012. So, there are some positive things and negative things in this version. Positive things of PES 2012 Computer AI Computer AI in this version much better than 2011 version. The computer players move and try to cover the fields. Right and left bac

Pro Evolution Soccer / PES 2011 Team Style

The most important when play Pro Evolution Soccer / PES 2011 is PES 2011 team style, about how to setting team style or style of play. Off course, team style related to the formation that you choose. But for my opinion, that’s okay not change or edit the formation, as long as you set the right team style, your team will playing good. If you play the previous PES 2010, you already know about team style. It’s still same, the different just in the parameter value. In PES 2010 team style use

PES 2011 Free Kick and Penalty Kick Tutorial

PES 2011 free kick and penalty kick have different method with previous one. PES 2011 free kick method combine the previous version, combine Triangle and X button after press the Square in Free Kick. But PES 2011 penalty kick really different. It's implemented new method in Penalty Kick. PES 2011 Free Kick Short Free Kick (usually under 23 m), press Square  + down, then while ball in the air, press X button + left or right to curve it. You also may press down to make the ball go down (and not

PES 2011 Dribble and Feint Tricks

PES 2011 Dribble and Feint Tricks posted triggered by PES 2011 launched in October 2010. That’s mean I will try the PES 2011 or Winning Eleven 2011 game and try to write the article about PES 2011, as best as I can. After get (still get) some great appreciation with previous article PES 2010 Dribble Tricks, I will try the best to write this PES 2011 Dribble and Feint Tricks article. PES 2011 dribble and feint more realistic and that’s why it fun dribble when playing the game. Standard dri

PES 2010 Dribble Tricks

Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 / PES 2010 dribble tricks  became favorite and top search in Google since PES 2010 at November 2009. I waited it launched in Playstation 2 but after searched any information from Konami and Playstation website, I found that Pro Evolution Soccer 2010 just launched in Playstation 3. PES 2010 Dribble Tricks After trying it and doing some expetiment about PES 2010 movements or PES 2010 dribble tricks, I will try so share some PES 2010 dribble tricks that I found. I