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Editing Photos with Mac: The Basics

Debates about which is better, a Mac or a computer that runs on Windows, have long been around and they are often heated. There are millions of Windows fans out there who will fight tooth and nail for Bill Gates' legacy but Apple is also known to have very loyal supporters. This only means that there is no certainty as to when these debates will finally cease. Truth be told, both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. They both have benefits and downsides; it is just a matter of

Back Up! What Software Should You Use For Back-upping Your Data?

I’m a person who can be considered a pack rat. I loathe throwing anything away just in the off-chance that I might “need it someday”. I’m not just talking about receipts or other documents—I’m talking about books and notebooks from high school, old clothes that I eventually part with to give to charitable causes, old toys, nearly everything. Until my roommates scream at me to get rid of some of my junk, I just keep it around “in case.” image source: credits to by

Top 3 Windows Phone Photo Editing Apps Guide

It is getting more reachable for people nowadays to bring out their inner photography-enthusiast selves out to the world, thanks to the coming of smartphone cameras! Would you agree? I myself would attest to this, thanks to my Windows Phone. With very capable cameras almost all smartphones out there have to offer, it becomes very convenient to everyone now to capture in high-resolutions the beautiful and amazing moments in their day-to-day lives or during special holiday seasons. But aside fro

PHP DIR SUBMIT – Auto Directory Submission Service Script

One of the most popular ways to get websites seen is through directory submissions. There are many people and webites out there who offer directory submissions, but it’s easy to get taken by directory submissions that turn out to be not what they claim. You submit your website, only to find out that the directories are useless, or that your submission was denied for some unknown reason. I had been thinking a lot about starting my own directory submission business but didn’t really kno

Advanced SystemCare Free

Advanced SystemCare Free 5 is new software that I use as cleaner on my PC. Previously I used CC Cleaner but not satisfied with it, because my Windows system error and corrupted. CC Cleaner maybe great as the cleaner, but it clean without condidering about the Windows system. So, I try Advanced SystemCare Free. The details and review below get from CNET, and if you also interested to download it, just go to Advanced SystemCare Free page on CNET. Advanced SystemCare Free 5 uses its powerful ars

Mozilla Firefox 9.0 Final Version

Get the latest and stable version of Firefox 9.0. You will found Super speed, Fast, flexible, secure browser. Huge performance changes have been made in this release, while there aren’t any user interface changes that you’ll notice. What's new in Firefox 9.0: Added Type Inference (The feature now quickly chooses how to handle JavaScript, which doesn’t require a developer to define a variable. That makes the browser work overtime, but with type inference, the difference in performanc

Yahoo Messenger

This morning, when I login to Yahoo Messenger, something weird happened. Everytime the login process succeded, it was automatically show the close button and sign out again. After repeat it 3-5 times, I remember that last time I used the Yahoo Messenger, it showed notification with main message Yahoo Messenger 11.0 will not supported after December 2011. So, I think I must upgrade my Yahoo Messenger by visiting and found the download link. Yahoo always provide the o