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Conflict Between Skype and Webserver

If you a webmaster, or someone that must use Skype and webserver (IIS or Apache), you may find that you can not active both of them together. I have experience with that. When I activate my Skype, my webserver/localhost can not work. Finally I found the problem when I try to Edit some Options or Setting on the Skype. In default condition, Skype use port 80 as alternatives incoming connections. So, to avoid the conflict between skype and webserver, you just disable (see image) the option. Y

Internet Explore 9 – Beauty of the Web

Finally Internet Explorer 9 released by Microsoft. After last year released the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, this year the full version released. Microsoft call the IE 9 as Beauty of the web. Microsoft believe that website more beautiful if browsed with IE9. If so many people complain about the previous IE because it’s slow, Microsoft believe that IE9 faster the before. Some of Microsoft staff said that IE9 is the fastest browser. IE9 also provide HTML 5 support. After before so many complain