Easy ways to increase your Pinterest followers

Easy ways to increase your Pinterest followersHave you underestimated the social media site called Pinterest? If yes then you have lost many opportunities to flourish your business. Pinterest has more than 70 million users and more than 500,000 business pages. The site has also started to bring in loads of revenues. If you are not on this fastest growing social networking site then you are really missing out the opportunity to reach out people.

Whether you happen to be an entrepreneur, blogger or consultant or even a soul who simply like to share any info, then make sure to leverage from the site Pinterest. This site has become one of the most influential and outstanding tool, which promote you, your business and brand. Indeed, that simply does not mean a whole lot of stuff if you do not have many followers.  If you are interested in getting more number of followers over Pinterest, you need to do a number of things besides posting a couple of interesting images.

The following are some of the best and easy ways to increase your Pinterest followers. Let’s check them out:

Post original images while you remain as a curator

As you start investing your time over this platform you would realize that only 80 percent of content found over Pinterest are re-pins. This means the remaining 20 percent of content is the original ones. Posting some original content like Infographics or picture quotes can be called as the best way to spread your board, which can help in balancing the act with the content. You are supposed to be a curator who not only create but post the content, which reflects you, your business and brand. By remaining the part of the trends, which are found in your niche area, you would be easily able to connect over other Pinterest members who are known to have the aesthetic, which simply matches yours.

Join the collaborative boards

The other quick option to start attracting the followers comes by simply contributing over the popular group boards. When you start contributing the quality pins over these boards, their bigger stock of followers can simply become your followers as well provided they also enjoy your pins. Also, don’t forget to search for a number of popular group boards and invest some amount of time in establishing the relationship with board owners or some other contributors. After you get accustomed to the same make sure you ask them and then invite you over the board.

Link with the other popular social media accounts

Another way to propel your followers over Pinterest is to start linking your other social media accounts to your Pinterest account. If you are using the other social networking websites like Google Plus, Twitter or Facebook, make sure you link your Pinterest account with the others. This will really help in gaining the traffic by simply bringing the family and friends or followers from the other accounts. At the same time, you have the option of using the other social media platforms in order to promote your Pinterest boards.

Comment, Repin and Tag

Leverage from the popular section seen over Pinterest and then start comments over these pins by simply leaving a simple kind of complementary sentences like Nice Find or Great Pin. However, at the same time do keep in mind you actually take the time in order to study the images. Show them you care and know about the topic and these are simply not snagging the visitors to your account. With this, you would encourage other people to check your page and then follow the same. At the same time, do keep in mind that by leaving a number of comments can be called as spam by Pinterest that can suspend your account.

Apart from commenting, you are supposed to repin the pictures from different users that show keen interest in your account. At the same time, when you are busy promoting your company make sure you also tag other users as well by simply using ‘@username’ over your description, which you pen down. By simply linking with the other businesses or employees you end up expanding your reach, build up your reputation and then promote your business as well.

Follow also the other Pinners

Following other people or Piners can really help in attracting the followers yourself. For instance, if you had the option to follow 5 to 10 people in a week, you would see people following you back as well. This can come up with steady rate of expansion. But you are supposed to select the people you follow consciously as you are interested in finding quality content from the other people in order to repin over your Pinterest account, which can even fit perfectly in your niche area. This will help to increase web traffic to your website.

To check on how many followers you have, and to accept, just head over to My Pinterest Boards and click on the “### Followers”. If it says “Follow” that means you are not following them, so click “Follow”.

Use Holidays/Special Occasions

If you’re looking for some quick exposure, take advantage of upcoming holidays or special occasions. This could be DIY decorations for Halloween, Christmas or the 4th of July. Maybe pushing jewelry or candy on Valentine’s Day. Regardless of the event, creating a board specifically designed for a holiday or special occasion can generate interest to your account, which hopefully converts into followers.

Paid method

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