SEO basic

SEO basicGoogle and other search engines have been making considerable changes to their algorithms, yet it is a daunting task for anyone to stay updated, all the time. These are some common SEO mistakes that happen and as someone who has spend considerable time in the SEO industry, you can identify the mistakes and come up with a viable solution that makes for a better SEO professional.

 1.)  Not being able to conduct proper keyword research

It is a common knowledge that internet runs on keywords. Any website shows up in search engine results only when relevant keyword queries have been incorporated.  At times keywords are incorporated only randomly and do not match up the essence of the content.

As an SEO expert, you should be able to identify this mistake and come up with comprehensive list of keywords that are relevant. You can use Adword Keyword Research tool to come up with appropriate keyword or keyword phrases. This will make for a comprehensive document and the essence of the content will be conveyed to the reader effectively.

2.)  Having low value Backlinks

As an SEO expert, you must know the relevance of link building. However, at times the instinct of showing up in the competitive online market is so intense that quantity takes priority over quality. You must understand that low value Backlinks from spam websites and irrelevant websites can cause more damage to your endeavor.

You need to make others understand that going for low value Backlinks can cause damage to your site’s SEO. This becomes all the more relevant as Google Penguin updates which came up lately have highlighted this issue with firmness.

3.)  Having sites which cannot be properly indexed

You must remember that listings on the search engine result pages have been pulled up from indexes of various web pages. These are analyzed according to algorithm ranking prevalent at that time.

There are a range of issues that can prevent a website from being ranked properly. Some of the issues that you should know about as an SEO expert are as

Overusing the images

You should remember that search engine spiders are not able to read text which is included in the images. Ensure that you should not store information as website’s name and headline in pictures. This information is usually not indexed properly and you should desist from the same.

Flash animation

As an SEO expert, you should use flash animation sparingly as search engines are not able to comprehend the information.

Use of JavaScript and other code elements

As an SEO expert, you should know that having JavaScript and other code elements can help provide you with great functionality. However, you should also understand that these cannot be indexed. Being an SEO expert, you are expected to have a comprehensive solution to this problem. To prevent indexing problem of any kind, you can format the site’s robot.txt file to show up an alternative text based version.

Not updating your site on a regular basis

As someone who has spent qualitative time in the SEO market, you should know that outdated content of any kind reduces the perception value of any website. This will lead to less number of return visitors on the website and decrease your sales.

You must remember the fact that the search engines appreciate the content’s freshness When you add new content, you increase the reach of your website as new category of customers get associated with the website.

In case you go for new postings, the site can get ranked for distinct search queries that come under the preview of recent freshness updates launched by Google.

Remember that quality always counts and in case you are able to update your website on a regular basis, you will be acting in the true essence of being an SEO expert and will be able to take your business endeavors to a new high.

Never focus on search engines but on its visitors

You might be an SEO expert of repute but at times one gets carried away by the intense competition that is prevalent in the online market.  You start focusing on attaining a higher rank on the search engines but rarely care about the need and necessity of the visitors.

Anyone visiting your website wants qualitative information and in case you are failing in providing the same, your contribution as an SEO expert is being ignored.

As an experienced SEO professional, you should be able to maintain a balance between need of the market and the aspiration of the visitors.

Follow the above listed advice in true earnest and you will be able to deliver to the true potential of being an SEO expert.

Brianne Walter is a freelance journalist who has been writing about mobile technology, customer relationship management and women’s health for more than a decade. These days she is busy to contributes on getamplify