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How to Drive Traffic To Your Website

One of the most popular questions I get when I speak about online marketing is how to drive more traffic to a web site. Eight different techniques for

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Tips to use security guard for your online media

The security threat over social media is often a big concern for its users. As you can see the cyber crooks have been waiting to find any opportunity

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3 Steps To Getting Hundreds Of Backlinks To Your Website Absolutely FREE

Link Popularity as you know plays a BIG part in your websites ranking within the Search Engines. So, the basic breakdown is, the more links pointin

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Why Facebook should not be your call to promote your business online

The advent of social media and sites as Facebook has given a platform to people to share and communicate with each other. Friends and families communi

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PES 2011 Dribble and Feint Tricks

PES 2011 Dribble and Feint Tricks posted triggered by PES 2011 launched in October 2010. That’s mean I will try the PES 2011 or Winning Eleven 2011 game and try to write the article about PES 2011, as best as I can. After get (still get) some great appreciation with previous article PES 2010 Dribble Tricks, I will try the best to write this PES 2011 Dribble and Feint Tricks article. PES 2011 dribble and feint more realistic and that’s why it fun dribble when playing the game. Standard dri

Fix WP Download Counter Plugin

As a wordpress theme designer, I use plugin WP Download Counter to monitoring how many times my themes downloaded. In the first time I used WP Download Counter, I put the file (zip file) in free file directory, because that time my hosting package very limited storage. WP download counter can found on : The current version is version 1.01. Some features of WP Download Counter : Keeps track of the amount of downloads o

Safari and IE8 Hacked, Chrome and Mozilla Safe on Pwn2Own 2011

Hacking contest to break the security system internet browser and mobile devices called Pwn2Own that lasted as the CanSecWest conference in Vancouver, Canada, 9-11 March 2011, has ended. As a result, a browser made by Google and Chrome 9 Mozilla Firefox 3.6 that is not broken. While 5 of Apple’s Safari and Internet Explorer 8 Microsoft’s submission on the first day. “I love Pwn2Own! Safari and IE8 broken on the first day, but not with Chrome,” writes Matt Cutts, head of Google’s web

Internet Explore 9 – Beauty of the Web

Finally Internet Explorer 9 released by Microsoft. After last year released the Internet Explorer 9 Beta, this year the full version released. Microsoft call the IE 9 as Beauty of the web. Microsoft believe that website more beautiful if browsed with IE9. If so many people complain about the previous IE because it’s slow, Microsoft believe that IE9 faster the before. Some of Microsoft staff said that IE9 is the fastest browser. IE9 also provide HTML 5 support. After before so many complain

X-Mas WordPress Theme

X-Mas is free wordpress theme. X-Mas designed for Christmas event. It suitable for your sites / blogs when christmas season. X-Mas WordPress Theme Features : - Christmas Design - Admin Page/Option Page - Auto Thumbnail - 125×125 Ads Ready - Google Analytics and Ads Ready - Nice and funny design - Gravatar Ready - SEO Friendly - Compatible with major browser, like Firefox, IE, Opera, Safari - Compatible with the latest WP version (3.0.3) - Related post ready X-Mas Demo | Download

Dietary WordPress Theme

Dietary is free wordpress theme. Dietary theme design for company profile, products or services that related to diet, weight loss, healthy or beauty niche. Dietary WordPress Theme Feature : - 2 columns - right sidebar - gravatar ready - SEO friendly - Option Page - 125×125 Ads Ready - Google analytics ready - J-slider with j-query - Profile Section - Page Navigation Ready, no plugin required - Related Post Ready, no plugin required - WP 3.0 ready, even for the latest WP 3.0.2 - Gr

Merapi WordPress Theme

Merapi is free wordpress theme. Merapi wordpress theme provided for general site. So, whatever your niche, it will suitable for you. You can set and utilize the Featured Posts / Category section. Merapi WordPress Theme Features : - J-Slider - J-Query - Featured Post Category - Theme Option - Magazine Style - Ads Ready and 125×125 Ads ready - Social Bookmark Ready - Theme will not working if footer changes - Google Analytics Ready - Featured Category can be setting easily in theme opt