Social Network & Bloggin

Social Network & BlogginThough there are many benefits of using social networking for any blogger, but at the same time you could find several drawbacks of using these platforms as well. The amount of time you invest on social networking sites like checking the updates, comments, likes and a number of shares from people could be used in the growth of your blog by incorporating several important changes in the content, reading and researching about effective blog management and your niche area. In fact, blogging itself could be called as social networking as at this place you share content, check the likes and comment from different visitors the way you see at any social media websites. The below are few of the reasons why you need to leave social networking and focus more on your blogging efforts.

Extra income with blogging

Blogging are the best platforms to make extra source of income as a blogger. You can add several ads over your blog and make good money out of it or try your luck with affiliate marketing to market products which is not possible over the social networking sites. So, if you have any reader from other state who reads your post and comment over your blog can find some good deals over eBay; this also helps you in earning as well. In this way, it’s a win-win situation for you and your reader.

Every day you learn something new

Over the social networking sites if you sit for the entire day and compare it with the time spent over WordPress or Blogspot platforms, you would certainly end up getting something new over the latter option. For several sites you could secure a new view towards seeing things and slowly start appreciating others’ thoughts and ideas as well. You do not share anything for sake of likes but to find several improvement feedback and comments.

Real-time social networking experience over blogging platforms

Social networking is simply about making and adding new friends and share your views and discussing on common interest subjects. However, blogging helps you in connecting readers having same interests and slowly these readers become your genuine friends. These could be from different nations who could be eagerly waiting to see a new blog post. Your readers comment on various articles which are called the real power of a blog and separates from static sites. You as a serious blogger would reply to all the meaningful comments by addressing their queries and concerns. This is all social networking, which is more serious and meaningful.

Choice to write for others

In blogging you get the option of writing for other blogs and sites under guest post sections. In social networking, you do not get the opportunity to write tweet or status update from anybody’s profile. So, unless you have the username and password you cannot do so, however, in blogging, you have the opportunity to be a guest blogger.

Enjoy better privacy with democracy

In the world of blogging the readers have equal rights to improve their experiences by writing down genuine comments to the blogger hence they help in enriching the writers along with driving good amount of traffic at your blog. The basic thing which attracts people is the added amount of privacy which they enjoy at these platforms. Also, the freedom to speak up your mind and thoughts is more in blogging platforms than in the social networking sites. In social networking sites, anyone can see your personal details without any hassle, which is pretty safe in the blogging platforms.

Versatile communication medium

As compared to the social networking sites, blogging platforms are considered as a more robust and versatile kind of communication medium. Here, you can easily communicate with your readers, or fellow bloggers through writing or by audio or video blogging methods. In this way, you can end up adding variation to your content and thus target your users who like your videos, pictures or even blog content.

Experiment everyday

In social networking sites, you can see your websites with several changes in the look and design of the site. This can be irritating to users as they find something new which they may not like as compared to the previous designs. However, in blogging, you simply listen to your readers first and then carry out several changes accordingly.

Final word

The article doesn’t suggest that you completely give up your social networking activities for your blogging activities; however, you need to maintain a good balance between the two. If you use social media sites for your blog promotion and networking, you certainly cannot afford to miss that. But the untargeted comments, updates over social networking sites will not yield you anything, instead you should focus more on your blogging activity for many reasons as discussed above.

About The Author: Margaret is a writer. She loves writing, travelling and playing. These days she is working on social networking.