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Why Facebook should not be your call to promote your business online

The advent of social media and sites as Facebook has given a platform to people to share and communicate with each other. Friends and families communicate with each other and sometimes business issues too get discussed. However, Facebook cannot be used for mass business promotion. Below are listed the reasons for Facebook not being your call to promote the online business. 1.) No two ways medium As a marketer one can argue the fact that Facebook can provide them with a number of opport

Facebook: The Semantics of Privacy and Visibility

According to Facebook, the new change in email addresses settings isn’t a violation of user privacy but is rather an aid to visibility and their settings. After researching their new found idea, it was discovered that privacy and visibility are two different things, at least according to them. Facebook recently changed its user’s profiles by enabling the email address settings to show everyone their Facebook addresses. Once there used to be addresses that people chose for themselves and t

Facebook and Zynga Loss After IPO

Facebook stock dropped to its lowest level after the social networking site in the world's largest reported a loss of U.S. $ 157 million after the Initial Public Offering (IPO). The results of these financial statements in accordance with the most market estimates, as influenced by reserves set aside for stock grants. But investors are clearly frightened by the signs of slowing up performance. Facebook stock dropped more than 11% to U.S. $ 23.8 in late trading after the announcement of the