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Reasons to leave Social Networking & Focus on Blogging

Though there are many benefits of using social networking for any blogger, but at the same time you could find several drawbacks of using these platforms as well. The amount of time you invest on social networking sites like checking the updates, comments, likes and a number of shares from people could be used in the growth of your blog by incorporating several important changes in the content, reading and researching about effective blog management and your niche area. In fact, blogging itself

Build Your Own Social Network

Nowadays, almost all Internet Marketers share and believed that one of the most effective way to get or drive tons of traffic is using social network. That's the reason why website like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and another social network site always have a lot visitor. Some of visitor really socialize with another, and some of them try to get or drive the traffic. These year, Pinterest launched and predicted will be the at the top of social network site, after Facebo