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Higher Online Visibility for Your Business

The Do's and Don'ts for Higher Online Visibility If you have a company with an online presence, then you must have wondered at some time or the other why some companies appear at the top of the search results displayed by Google, when a relevant search parameter is entered. The real reason for them ending up at the top of the heap is invariably owing to a successful SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy. ZK's blog says that the core reason for the success of any Search Engine Optimization s

Facebook: The Semantics of Privacy and Visibility

According to Facebook, the new change in email addresses settings isn’t a violation of user privacy but is rather an aid to visibility and their settings. After researching their new found idea, it was discovered that privacy and visibility are two different things, at least according to them. Facebook recently changed its user’s profiles by enabling the email address settings to show everyone their Facebook addresses. Once there used to be addresses that people chose for themselves and t