7 Reasons Why Marketers Use Minisites

7 Reasons Why Marketers Use MinisitesThe use of minisites has become the mainstream for most internet marketers.  Some people claim minisites to be “trendy”, while others know they are here to stay.

Their use is not just a fad, minisites out perform every other type of website in the history of the internet as long as they are used wisely.

Here are critical reasons why we see minisites in use everywhere we surf:

1. Minisites can be created quickly!
Any marketer will tell you, if you don’t know already, time is of the utmost importance when selling any product.  The quicker a sales letter, order page, and product gets in front of buyers, the faster you make profits.

2. Minisites can be generated easily!
Why waste precious time and effort struggling to create a massive informational site to sell a product?  Think about it.  A person can have a minisite up and running in a matter of a couple of hours.  Wow, less frustration and stress to make solid profits!  What a concept!

3. Minisites are cost effective!
Everyone wants to save a buck these days, especially with the way our economy is going.  The price of gasoline and oil alone is causing inflated rates for just about everything we buy.

Why pay the extra $300-a couple of thousand dollars to have a webmaster or designer create one for you when you can build your own free?

That’s right!  There is free software on the net like Mozzila for instance that you can download and use to generate minisites.

FYI, in most cases you can generate a site and have it up and making profits, subscribers or driving traffic to one of your other sites, before a professional can place you on his or her schedule.

4. Minisites have a primary focus!
Minisite focus on one objective — usually to call a person to act — to subscribe to a newsletter, click an order button, or click a link on a site referring them to a product.

The more narrow the focus the less confused visitors will be.  I know from experience and from hearing other marketers say, it is easier to keep the visitors attention and call them to act when we only give one choice at a time.

Remember, there is great wisdom in this statement when you generate any website.

5. You can test headlines and sub-headers faster!
If the sites can be built quicker and easier, don’t you believe they can be tested faster to see what works and doesn’t work?  It sounds like a big opportunities to me!

6. Minisites can be tested for search engine optimization quickly too!
You don’t have as many pages to go through— the fewer pages you create, the more time saved so you can do other things like write articles or create another site you can sell products or link to.

As long as your sales letter and so forth has good content, Meta tags, descriptions, and keywords your site can be optimize more efficiently and get better rankings.

7. Minisites are so easy and quick to create you can generate many for different purposes!
I use them as a means to make different streams of profits and lists.

Here is an example:  I may have 2 or 3 for the sole purpose of gaining subscribers to different newsletters describing the use of the products I’m selling, while I have 5 or 6 others that promote affiliate products or my own.

I interlink them with each other and with other high-traffic sites making them more attractive to search engines.

If you are tired of wasting time, energy, or money on your websites and want to make profits or get subscribers faster, try spending a one time fee on a good program that shows you step-by-step how to set up and use minisites.  It will be the best return investment you can make.

Look at it this way, it can be like having your own energized bunny where you can create, and create, and create some more to serve whatever purpose you have in mind and not spend another dime paying other people to do it for you.

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