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Silverf0x Resurrection !!

Yup, that’s right. After down for 2-3 weeks because of hosting problem, finally this blog is online again. The bad news is I have no any back up for my WordPress database, and must start it from beginning again. Some of my post have back up in txt files, cause I post some of them to gamefaq.com. With that txt files, I can create those post again in silverf0x site, almost all about Pro Evolution Soccer ( PES ) aka Winning Eleven ( WE ).

For all my blogger friends that do backlink exchange with this silverf0x blog, please contact me. I will put your link again in my Links page.

Quick introduction (may be you forgot ) : silverf0x is person that like internet, web design, Template / themes Development (WordPress), develop website with WordPress or PHP+MySQL 0r HTML+CSS, SEO, make money online, internet marketing, PES / Winning Eleven and Manchester United.