Social MarketingNowadays, almost all Internet Marketers share and believed that one of the most effective way to get or drive tons of traffic is using social network.

That’s the reason why website like Facebook, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Delicious and another social network site always have a lot visitor. Some of visitor really socialize with another, and some of them try to get or drive the traffic.

These year, Pinterest launched and predicted will be the at the top of social network site, after Facebook and Twitter. It mean, Pinterest will become the 3rd popular social network.

Just one or two months launched, we can see and found in webmaster and internet marketers forum a lot of trick how to get traffic or sales by using Pinterest. Really amazing phenomenon.

Sometimes I question myself, maybe same with another internet marketers or bloggers :

  • “Can I have my own social network ??”
  • “Can I create my own social network with features and improvement from another social network ??”

The answer is : Yes, you can if you are have great ability in web programming or have a great team with web programming / coding ability.
That answer make me feel quite sad, because I know that’s  not easy. It makes having social network like something impossible.

Reason why have social network quite impossible :

  • I must know how to code with PHP, ASP or another language
  • I must know how to design database structure and all things related to database
  • I must know about all things that related with networking and securities things

Today, finally, I got great information how to have social network. I found the social network software that can help me develop my own social network. You just need to have your ideas. Tell them your ideas and their team will develop the social network by following your ideas.

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