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Doing collaborative work in companies could be physically taxing for professionals especially when these activities involve long distance traveling and too much office legwork. Being on the road, in the air or sailing to far-off locations or merely going up and down several floors could be that exhausting and could bear down on even the most hardworking professionals.

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Travel-related stress accounts for much of the work-related anxieties that many business owners, employees or road-bound telecommuters experience. However, thanks to the many technological advances that have been introduced in recent years, unnecessary business travel and legwork have become less and less of an occurrence.

Enter online tech and cloud computing

Business VoIP in online cloud-based telecom systems have more and more become the norm as a cost-efficient alternative to sending employees on business trips for collaborative work on projects. It has also convinced an enlightened lot of companies to consider hiring highly qualified offshore professionals to work on a telecommuter employee basis. This talent procurement alternative allows business owners to source professional expertise while not being limited to hiring within physically accessible localities only.

Moreover, companies that have multi-location offices or stores have become much easier to manage owing to the unified telecom that cloud-based systems offer. You could be able to have your employees connect to each other without much trouble no matter how far apart geographically they might be situated since all networks are housed in only one PBX. This greatly reduces the need for your people to do business traveling for work that involves serious collaboration. There are mobile and desktop productivity apps meant to facilitate such kind of online collaborations.

Cloud tech telecom’s leading purveyor, RingCentral, for example, could also enable systems to centralize telecom into one virtual PBX so that customers need only to dial one business number to get in touch with any of the company’s various retail outlets or offices.

Fast and easy set up

Cloud-based systems might sound too high-tech sophisticated although in reality it is such an uncomplicated technology for business. It could be set up online using intuitive interfaces and could be done by business owners in no time at all. Once the system kicks into action, all of the company’s various location networks become subject to the business VoIP together with all the convenient features it offers. IP phone and soft phone networks, and mobile devices in extension networks then become connected to each other in the virtual PBX. Owing to this configuration, all business phones in the system could then benefit from the call forwarding, call routing, Internet fax and voicemail features that it has.

Business meetings have also become possible to take place online via the VoIP used for call conferences or videoconferences with coworkers taking part in them from various separate locations. Even in office building-oriented establishments, participants in a call conference do not even have to walk up or down several floors to do so. They could proceed with meetings simply by accepting dialed in invitations to attend them from the comforts of their workstations.

By being virtually interconnected, employees would now have the least need for work-related traveling or legwork. By staying put in their respective workstations or via telecommuting, they could get work done much faster and probably with better results. A cloud-based technology works similarly like any Internet run technology from where it derives its immediacy. It is highly responsive, interactive and always delivers info and productivity with real time efficiency.

By Monique Violet Jones

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