Android AttackMalware and spyware are still on the loose, this time though, mobile devices with android, are being targeted through websites. It is the first instance in which websites which have been hacked are being used to host malware and spyware and when a mobile device visits the site it is then infected with the malware. This malware, better known as Notcompatible, appears to be targeting Android devices in particular. This Trojan, Notcompatible, is on the prowl for anything running Android though it doesn’t seem to be doing the device itself any harm. Though, new security problems, or new spyware and other such harmful software should come as no surprise to Android users as security matters such as these have become the norm for Android devices.

While residing on the Android device Notcompatible successfully camouflages its real motives and reasons for being on the phone or tablet by making itself appear to be a system update. Even though the phone on which Notcompatible has made itself comfy receives no update at all, it also isn’t harmed by the presence of the Trojan. It seems that Notcompatible simply stays on the device which it has infected and makes the device function as a server, a proxy or TCP server. So as the phone owner or whosoever has the infected phone carries it into an area of a private network, since the phone itself is acting like a server due to the infection, someone from outside the private network could gain access. As of now there don’t appear to be many security problems associated with this specific Trojan, corporations and enterprises are still alarmed as they are in danger if someone was to access their network through such a route. Also since the fact that many employees maybe using Android, which may make the firms network more vulnerable.

One main influencing factor in considering whether or not a device will be infected from any particular website is whether or not that website in question is running iframes. If you are browsing or surfing a site which has iframe running in the background and you are accessing the site from something Android, the Notcompatible Trojan will start downloading under the pseudo name of ‘update.apk’. The other leg of the process involves you installing the update.apk application onto your phone, as with all apps, they are not of much use if just downloaded and then not run. Therefore since the app needs to be installed after it has downloaded it is considered a reasonably low level threat. Even though there is already a host of sites which have been infiltrated by this app, since they don’t have too much traffic, the spread of the virus has been rather slow.

The matter to be concerned about in this new form of malware that has been shown in Notcompatible is not this Trojan itself, Notcompatible on its own does not appear to be something which would do too much harm, however the direction to which it is working is dangerous. Notcompatible is not very refined and can be assumed that this is in fact a beta version of something more serious to come; a new form of malware, which has the ability to transform regular smart phones into stepping stones for a hacker or someone else to use in order to gain access into a private and protected network. This could involve not just private home networks, but consider a much more refined and more powerful version of Notcompatible which is used to gain access to corporate networks to steal information, or worse still, governments.

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