Advantages and Disadvantages of Netbooks

Advantages and Disadvantages of NetbooksNetbooks have many advantages and disadvantages in the field of consumer electronics. A very portable platform is offered by them to provide adequate power for carrying out the basic functions but these might not be appropriate for everybody.

What are the limitations of a netbooks?

You can run majority of applications easily by sporting Intel1.6GHW and gigabyte of RAM though there are few problems with certain models concerning video. For example the You Tube Video might be slow and the bandwidth might not be sufficient. Some starts and fits may be seen by you.

It might or might not be possible to watch the films on the internet but that would depend on the connection and the unit. Similar limitations will be there while playing games too. Some of these might function but you should not expect smooth play that is expected on high end laptop. The performance of the netbook will not be close to a gaming desktop which you can get at a good price by using latest Amazon coupon.

What are the advantages of a netbooks?

The machine is able to offer modest specs. The power presentations are good and display.  Comparatively o not load smaller CPU and memory affect applications to some extent. Spreadsheets do not load that fast and it takes little longer to save large documents. The reason for this limitation is hard drive. Some of them offer SSD drives that in theory are faster but in reality slower compared to laptop hard drives.

Hard drive is much smaller. Some even offer large drives as 160GB which shows that situation is not really a drawback because few years back largest desktop offered 80GB. Others just offer 8GB. Some are entirely made of plastic having metal internal parts. This makes them lightweight. Some plastics are more durable compared to steel. Others use material of cheap quality. This point must be kept in view while evaluating the netbook you need and don’t forget to check the latest offers on netbooks at

Some models had the problem of getting heated up earlier and it is still thee in few models in some situations. Most of them are fine in this field as long as you have good airflow around it and avoid plugging vents. None of these have fans. Small heat sink on the processor dissipates heat to air and brings in fresh air to cool unit.

What are the differences between a laptop and netbooks

Many netbook users find the keyboard the biggest annoyance. All are comparatively small and you have difficulty in adjusting to that. You could look for unit such as HP 2133 Mini-Note which offers nearly standard size. Price difference should not be a major consideration though netbooks cost almost half the price of full sized laptop. You get what you pay. For many people saving this amount is not worth it because you have to compromise on capacity and performance. They feel that it is better to spend little more and be happy.

The Final Call

Netbook appears to be the perfect choice for those who are looking for great portable performer and don’t need extras being provided by the laptops today. Final decision will certainly be yours based on your needs. No matter what the final call do avail offers in Snapdeal to get the best possible price.

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