Google Android LogoNot long ago it was discovered again two malware that attack mobile phones based on Android. The first is a variant of Light DroidDream who previously had attacked no less than 120,000 mobile phone users Android platform.

The second is known as Zitmo. The attack was reported to be more serious Zitmo, this malware capable of stealing bank passwords and password to transact with the unwitting owner. At least 5000 Android phone already infected malware.

According to the blog Lookout, corporate antivirus products that find both the malware, DroidDream Light was found stuck in some applications that exist on the official Android Market: Quick Falldown, Scientific Calculator, Bubble Buster and a clone of the Best Compass & leveler. The fourth application is considered feasible and is submitted to the Market by Mobnet.

Light DroidDream conduct its activities in the backgroud without the phone owner’s knowledge. This malware also frequently downloading their own applications that could have been approved by the mobile phone user without realizing the risks. Serious threat of malware can even damage the handset itself.

Meanwhile, malware Zitmo not damage the handset but also malware which attacks the Windows Mobile and Symbian is tasked to steal bank information from users and malware Android phone is connected to a PC and Android phones. Once the user accesses his bank’s website, malware Android is immediately working with recording or SMS message code or password that gives the bank and conduct transactions on behalf of the owner’s bank account without them knowing it.

The existence of many malware threats in the Android application is triggering the Google Android mobile phone users urged to apply strict criteria in approving the applications included in the Android Market. At least Google should learn from Apple in this regard. Evidenced by the selection system on Apple’s application of strict, seldom or almost no malware that attacks the user’s iPhone or iPad.

However, because of the many applications provider for users of Android from a third party outside of the Android Market, the threat to Android phone users against malware is getting worse. However, at least if Google is more stringent criteria pengetatatan improve security and approval of his application at the Market, the Android mobile phone users is a bit safer.

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