wordpressAs a wordpress theme designer, I use plugin WP Download Counter to monitoring how many times my themes downloaded. In the first time I used WP Download Counter, I put the file (zip file) in free file directory, because that time my hosting package very limited storage.

WP download counter can found on wordpress.org : http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wp-downloadcounter/
The current version is version 1.01.

Some features of WP Download Counter :

  • Keeps track of the amount of downloads of a certain file.
  • Keeps track of the last download time
  • Allows you to reset the counter
  • Allows you to add counters to both internal and external urls
  • Can use fancy urls (like /downloads/file.zip)
  • Can print the amount of downloads, the filesize and the last modified date in a post

After move my hosting to new host, I received so many complain that can not download the file when I put the download link with counter. Always showing error :

“C:\downloadpath\tempname could not be saved, because the source file could not be read”.

I try to go to the plugin homepage, but can not find any answer, even I read so many people also have same problem with me. And after check and try to edit the plugin file, downloadcounter-config.php anddonwloadcounter-option.php, finally the problem resolve.

Step you must do to fix WP Download Counter Plugin :

I will make it simple and fast, I do a little changes (in the fact, I try so many changes) in downloadcounter-config.php.
Please go to the line 109, you will find this code :

$path = realpath(ABSPATH . str_replace(get_option(‘siteurl’), ”, $url->download_url));

I edit this line :

$path = “http://www.yourdomain.com/” + $url->download_url;

After save the file, and try the download link (with counter) again, and it’s work fine. Hope that my experience can help you to fix your WP Download Counter plugin.

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