Sonic the HedgehogWhen I was a kid, I started playing game with console like Nintendo and Sega 32 bit. In that time, Nintendo got famous with Super Mario Bros game, and Sega with its Sonic games the Hedgehog.

These time, so many modern console can be found in the market. Console like Playstation 3, Playstation Vita and X-Box also offering game with character Super Mario and Sonic. Almost all those games with great visual, great effect and 3D. But I still miss the classic Super Mario and Sonic.

With nostalgia reasons, I tried searched in Google about Sonic games. It’s amazing that I found Sonic Games 365. This website offer so many Sonic games in categories like Action or Arcade, Puzzles and RPG (Role Playing Games).

Internet Marketing and Sonic Games

But maybe some readers ask, what the relation between marketing in internet with sonic games ?? After tried and played several games, I found that some games have sponsor. The sponsor brand or logo showing when we play the games. I though that it’s great idea. There are so many gamers in the world. They also can be potential buyers for your business or niche.

By searching good games developer and sponsor the games, you may put your brand, logo and get some awareness and branding effects from these gamers. You can see the Sonic Games 365 once again because I though this site the best example in marketing with games, especially Sonic games.