MultiplyMultiply announced that they will stop and close the blog services. This step have been predicted by some experts and internet community, but still brings the excitement, especially for loyal Multiply users. It announced plans to close the blog platform by December 1, 2012. Multiply blog service that has been present since 2003, finally had to succumb to the new businesses that carry Marketplace Indonesia and the Philippines as a center of activity in the world today. Loyal blogger would not want to move the post and photos are valuable to other services.

Multiply Focus on the marketplace

We had met today with the old CEO, Peter Pezaris, in July last year related to the pivot of this business. Peter, who founded the blog today to ensure that the platform will be maintained as a legacy. One form of such guarantees are a number of Internet personalities invited to blog on this platform when the office was inaugurated today Indonesia. After all, it means different policies vary CEO. Multiply the new CEO, Stefan Magdalinski, take another policy to focus on the marketplace and the bloggers have to go from this platform.

To be honest, Multiply blog platform is not too bright. The system interface is rigid and not up-to-date making it unable to compete with the kind of blog platform WordPress or Tumblr. Even so many Indonesian bloggers who like this platform because it can save a lot of photos and be like a social networking feature is displaying various wares.

So when Multiply found “new pearl”, namely the use of stalls selling today as in the countries of Southeast Asia, only cash is treated as a new direction today. In contrast to e-commerce market is already mature U.S., Indonesia and the Philippines markets are still in early stages and this is a good opportunity to go for today.

When this announcement about the closure has not spread widely. Yet no info via email or a blog post on the official blog Multiply or Multiply Indonesia. The only information is the notification of the CEO when you first login to your account today. And that does not appear on the login page My Multiply that are rarely opened.

One of the things that should be of concern are the steps move the post and the photos that have been stored for many years with ease. Multiply bloggers have to do this less than four months.