Online MarketingNowadays, online marketing have been admitted as part of marketing. Online marketing is less expensive marketing, which make online marketing become favorite marketing in current situation. The positive of online marketing is not just the less expensive or lower budget, but also the result. It can drive more exposure and gain more prospects for you business.

Online marketing or marketing on internet is measurable. I know that people always said that they do not believe to online marketing because they can not measure how the successful of the marketing. They may be right, but they can not measure the successful rate because they have not enough skill about online marketing. Online marketing have been proven by marketing expert and it is targeted and measurable. But that is the challenge, how to create the strategy and get the targeted market for your business? The marketing professionals need to create online programs such as email campaign, social media campaign, content marketing and track all them to measure the result and know the ROI (Return of Investment) of online marketing. Now, because online marketing have show the constant result. Almost all companies, small, medium or big company give more attention and doing this marketing.

Online marketing consist of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Email Marketing or Campaign, Social Media Marketing or Campaign, forum marketing and others. In doing online marketing, you can choose outbound marketing or inbound marketing.

 SEO as part of online marketing

Internet marketing, another name of online marketing usually define as selling products on internet (Wikipedia). People believe that internet marketing is wave of future. One of strategy you must do is optimized your website and make it friendly with search engine like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Other words, do Search Engine Optimization a.k.a SEO.With SEO, you can improve your site’s rank in big search engine like Google. Search engine often can not read and find all informatino and internet. So, you must optimized your website and make search engine can easily find and read your website.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as part of internet marketing

To do SEO marketing require more creative effort but more sustainable results. But another alternative to get more traffic or attention from search engine is Search Engine Marketing. But of course, SEM need higher budget. To make sure that all budget effective, you must have some skill to set target on the SEM or PPC campaign.

Social Media or Social Networking as part of internet marketing

Social Networking via YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and an SMS campaign are some of the many tools being utilized by many international companies as part of their online marketing strategy, thus creating ever increasing online visibility and in turn the all important increased branded website traffic views. Social media combines business and personal objectives, which makes it difficult to tell why you’re spending time on it. Social media is addictive and can become unproductive very quickly. Social marketers can make or break any site.

Content Marketing as part of internet marketing

Content marketing mean you need to start a blog for your products. A blog can build a great relationship between you and your customers and leads. Every time you share any information about your products, you can receive questions from them about it. You can answer it directly in blog and it can be great connection. They can be repeat customers or loyal customers.

Email Marketing as part of online marketing

Email marketing is the most effective marketing to selling. But it is tricky, because can make customers or leads get annoying. The key of success for email marketing is list building. You must have a great list of email. Great list mean really targeted. So, when you send the email, they will not get annoyed.

Successful of online marketing is the one the get viral effect from every part of online marketing. Try to combine all of them. The great campaign combine all of them and constantly build online marketing campaign to get more and better results.

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