PinterestExperian Hitwise online research agency called Pinterest currently the third most popular social network after Facebook and Twitter in the United States.

Pinterest, new social media (social network) that become a byword in 2012, was able to captivate Internet users. Even U.S. President Barack Obama has joined the social networking.

The presence of Pinterest very surprising since the entry in the 10’s largest social network in December. Experian’s latest report Pinterest call traffic jumped 50 percent between February and January of this year. Pinterest Social Networking is overtaking services like Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Google + to become the third most popular social network in February.

Analysis firm comScore said Pinterest attracted 17.8 million visitors in February in the United States. Pinterest users spend an average of 89 minutes per month in access. This network behind Facebook users average 405 minutes per month to access.

Another site that follow Pinterest pining concept

Because of the popularity of social networking Pinterest lately, a lot of sites that follow the concept of pinning or clamping means and the image of this product. There are sites that focus on such a trip trippy, Wanderfly, and Gtrot. There are also sites that focus on friendship as Mantersting, Gentlemint. There’s even Snatchly site, a site similar to the program Pinterest porn.

How to Get Account in Pinterest ?

To get account in Pinterest must with invitation. It mean you can not directly register yourself. You must get invitation from Pinterest or another existing user. It mean you must find another friend that have Pinterest account, or waiting to get invitation from Pinterest.

But I will share how to get the invitation from Pinterest :

  1. Login the your facebook account,
  2. After login, go to
  3. Click to “Request an Invite” button, and then fill the field with your email address. Use the same email address with registered in Facebook will make the process faster.
  4. Just wait, it usually need 1 day to get the invitation.
  5. Just follow the instruction in Pinterest email

If you have the account, just share it in comment form below. I will follow your Pinterest, and do not forget to follow Silverf0x in Pinterest.