PES 2012Pro Evolution Soccer 2012 or PES 2012 is the latest PES series, have release since October 2011. I have try PES 2012, Playstation 3 version. After playing PES 2012 I found some bugs in PES 2012. But I also happy with some new features in this PES 2012. So, there are some positive things and negative things in this version.

Positive things of PES 2012

Computer AI
Computer AI in this version much better than 2011 version. The computer players move and try to cover the fields. Right and left back will automatically run forward and try to overlapping. If your player ( controlled player ) to some dribble, example dribble from center to the side flank, automatically the left winger will try to cut into the box, or move in the to central midfield. The striker and winger doing the great run without ball. Run to cut inside or to the flank. It will create more chances than previous version.

Presets Formation
In PES 2012, it introduced the presets formation. It provide 4 presets formation. So, you can manage and set all 4 formation and use them in plays. Really easy to change the formation and player position with this feature. When set or manage presets formation we can also set the style of play easily. It have some preset too, like counter attack style, all out attack style, etc. So, you no need to set all style parameters manual. By if you want to set all parameter manual, just choose custom.

Great Graphic
I can say that the graphic in PES 2012 is great. The movement almost look like original player. I can explain more, you must see and try it.

Dribble and Movement
In PES 2012, the dribble is really really easy. Almost all players can do smooth and great dribble. It also provide some great movement when you do usual movement, like run and stop, passing over the back, and another great move. It’s automatically, depend on the player skill. No need to press any button, just usual run or pass.

Super Knuckle Shot
In PES 2012, you may score the goal in free kick situation with knuckle shot. It also possible even the distance more than 30, 40 or 50 meters. The longest I ever saw is 53 meters. Cristiano Ronaldo scored the goal with knuckle shot in 53 meters. Honestly, I do not know must put this in positive things or negative things.

Negative Thing of PES 2012

Goalie Skill
The goalkeeper usually do the stupid movement. They come forward too often, even in not danger situation. It make the enemy striker can score the goal easily. Remember that all player can dribble good in PES 2012. The goalkeeper move forward even the enemy striker charge or defend by 2-3 defenders. I sure if the goalie not move, still in the box, the enemy striker can not scored. And the worst thing is in free kick situation. The goalkeeper do not react or react so late if the free kickers do knuckle shot. I really really hope that in next update or patch, Konami fix this bugs.

Dribble and Movement
Like I wrote above, all players can do a good dribble. I though it’s not fun. All player can dribble like Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

Barcelona X Factor
I though this is influenced by Barcelona performance in soccer. In PES 2012, the referee often blow the whistle to cover the Barcelona player. You may not charge the Barcelona players, like Messi, Iniesta or Xavi. Little charge will make the referee blow the whistle. But in offside position, they blow seldom when Barcelona striker in offside position especially when Xavi do the through pass.

Some team stats and player stats is unreasonable. Example is Tottenham Hotspur have grade A in speed, just because Lennon and Bale have speed above 90. Another players in Hotspur just have a standard speed.

All review above is my personal opinion and will update if find more. All review based on my experience when playing PES 2012.

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