The importance of social media for business is talked about every now and then. The fact is that it is here to stay and is only growing with more platforms being launched and the number of users increasing gradually. The fact that Facebook has more than 900 million unique users across the world bears testimony to the fact that broadband penetration is increasing and a large numbers of people continue to take to social networking portals. Business / businesses have been quick to adapt and are using social media for customer engagement along with marketing and promotion. Organizations can now involve people in their online promotional campaigns. Appreciation for a product gives shape to sharing of information with peers on social media. Business / businesses can capitalize on this to gain more from it. The following steps can be taken for the purpose.

1. Make services a priority on the business

For your products and services to get a nod of approval from the customers, make sure that the quality of services persuades them into talking about the efficiency of services on social media. As social networking portals become a mode of interaction, people use these websites to talk about their experiences with products. Ensure your services stay on the positive side of those reviews.

2. Take a problem solving approach in product features

Product and service differentiation is a must to make a mark in the times of increasing competition and abundance of alternatives for the consumers. Establish a connection with the consumers through your brand message. Align your product’s marketing initiatives with an understanding of the associated problems and the solutions in sight accompanying the use of your services and products.

3. Go beyond the usual

The ordinary stuff never gets attention. Make an effort to go beyond the usual and surprise people with an interesting campaign or product concept. Give discounts and offers for people to avail in groups. Build a campaign to reach out to a large number of people to increase the expanse of your product’s reach.

4. Encourage people to give feedback

Do not keep the business campaign passive by only waiting and hoping for people to share information on your products. Ask people to rate your services and to give feedback. Request satisfied customers to recommend your products for you to increase your sales and revenues.

5. Enable ease of review posting and information sharing

Send regular customers a link for feedback and subsequent posting of reviews. People are more than eager to share information on social media in the extreme cases of having liked a product immensely or having been totally disappointed by it. Manage bad reviews and complaints by attending to the issues and posting about the same.

Let your business gain from the new age form of word of mouth publicity. Add unique features to your product and focus on quality of service for people to show their appreciation by sharing information on social media. This is the perfect mode of business expansion and revenue growth. Advertisements cannot compete with recommendations by friends and acquaintances. Make it your primary tool for web promotion.

About the author: Margaret is a blogger by profession. She loves writing on environment and health. Beside this she is fond of books. She recently did an article on diyhealth. These days she is busy in writing an business article on ecofriend.