Web DesignNowadays, companies also have the business blog. So, not just people have a blog. Some companies also adopting the blog. The business blog will share or post anything related to company activities, event or products. But not all of that companies success with their blog. So many companies’ blog doesn’t work like they want. Why ?? Because those business blog do some mistakes from design perspective.

Some Mistakes in Business Blog from Web DesignPerspective

  1. Bad headlines.
    Some business bloggers want to be creative. But that creativity can affect in search engine. The SERP of their keyword not get good result in search engine. So, before think about be creative, they must think about their readers. They must define what the post is about.
  2. Bad Navigation and Links.
    Readers like the good navigation. They want to know what information will they get if click this navigation. You can not always use “CLICK HERE” for navigation. Please try to link the topic (keyword) and the content that will readers get. It will be better, for readers and search engines.
  3. Use calendars widget for archives navigation.
    I think it clear enough. Why I mention about this ?? So many business bloggers like to use calendar for the archives navigation. It’s the worst mistake. My personal do not like to use calendar, except for blog that must give a lot of information about event. I like use Archives widget for archives.
  4. Not Regularly updated
    Your readers like to see updates in your business blog. Not update can make your business blog look not professional. Another negative thing is your subscriber will unscribe and leave your business blog. So, whatever and however, you must keep you business blog update regularly. If you can not make it daily, try at least twice a week.
  5. Post without consideration.
    Because we talk about business blog, you must consider to your boss, your competitors and your readers. If you are the boss (do not have the boss), at least you must think about your competitors and readers. You must read again, again and again to make sure that your post not offense to your boss, competitors and anyone (readers).
  6. Still use free domain
    We talk about business. Not care, small business or big business, but if your business blog still using free domain like wordpress.com, blogspot.com, tumblr.com and another blog site, it will make your business and business blog not professional. And it will make nobody will remember your domain. So, please buy some domain for your business blog.

Business blogging has many benefits and problems. Companies tread carefully when entering this new world. It’s wise to have policies on the approval process and what can and can’t be said. Like anything else in a business, blogs need to be evaluated to determine whether or not they fit the business’ model. No need to push or force have business blog if it’s not fit with the whole business’ model and plan.