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Tips to use security guard for your online media – The security threat over social media is often a big concern for its users. As you can see the cyber crooks have been waiting to find any opportunity to break the security of social media accounts and do malign the image of its users. You often hear how the accounts at Twitter of celebrities are being hacked by cyber criminals in order to the filthy stuff online. If you have been using social media sites on a regular basis, it is imperative to secure your accounts unlike the way security guards secure people and their bosses. The following are some of the tips, which can help you in this regard:

Protecting with unique and strong passwords

Though it may be a bit time taking experience to embark with a tough password yet make sure you get the one to secure your social media accounts like the of Facebook and Instagram. Relying on a single password for different social media accounts can be dangerous and offer the cake on the table. If you are using one password for multiple services, you are not secure on these sites so better choose a strong one to protect yourself in a longer run.

Monitor your mailbox

Most of the time your mailbox are cracked using the phishers, wherein people are attacked with direct messages in deceiving emails unlike the way your friends of family members would send you. The phishers would simply find out what you can expect to receive the email from and use that as the way, which suits them. This social engineering approach has simply worked out a number of places wherein people are taken for a ride giving away the details and becoming the victims of these methods.

Avoid being too personal

In the social engineering approach the attackers simply play with all the information they can collect about you looking at your public profiles, education, and date of birth, hobbies, etc. for getting into your accounts. Someone can easily find the name of your pet and then end up trying the same in the password column to crack your account. Similar is the story with other details as well, which people can try to enter inside your accounts. Make sure you avoid showcasing too personal stuff in your public profiles to safeguard yourself from going for a ride.

Lock your devices

Whether you use your smartphone or laptop to access the web, make sure you lock the devices with suitable password. The moment your devices land up in the hands of a stranger, he or she would likely to squeeze your personal data and even enter inside your social accounts to do something dreadful. Once your accounts are hacked, you would see some rogue kind of updates coming out from your accounts, which can create problems for you.

Rely on the block button

When you see the spammers following you and sending out links, make sure you do not just ignore them. Instead always make sure to report them as spam. The social networking services would simply monitor the same and would take necessary action against the spammer. Though this may not completely wipe out the spams coming to your inbox but yes it can hinder their efforts to a great extent. More Information at

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