It is getting more reachable for people nowadays to bring out their inner photography-enthusiast selves out to the world, thanks to the coming of smartphone cameras!

Would you agree? I myself would attest to this, thanks to my Windows Phone. With very capable cameras almost all smartphones out there have to offer, it becomes very convenient to everyone now to capture in high-resolutions the beautiful and amazing moments in their day-to-day lives or during special holiday seasons.

But aside from this tool, one that also deserves equal gratitude is the photo-editing apps out there, ready to turn lovely captures into much lovelier ones! Windows is continually bringing to the world pro-like yet easy-to-use photo-editing apps in its Windows Phone Store that captured the hearts of its millions of users (I’m one of them), and are sure to capture it’s another millions of upcoming “convert” users.

Here, look at the best photo-editing apps out there that Windows Phone Store has to offer:



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This app is of the best and award-winning out there, plus a record of more than 2 million downloads! Fhotoroom by Supporting Computers Inc., in simple terms are: pro-camera, photo sharing network, and professional mobile photo editor app.

It being a “pro-camera” app means it is focused to achieve absolute and best quality captures out by just using the camera of the phone. Important camera technologies, like EV (Auto Exposure), ISO, and exposure time features, are being utilized.

It is also an online photo sharing network. Edits can be showed off to other users in its growing community online. The app as well connects its users to other sharing networks like Flickr, Facebook or Twitter, or to personal cloud drives like SkyDrive.

Its very essence is being a professional mobile photo editor. The very thing to know is: it is so easy to use! Providing a basic editor, its users can crop, rotate, tweak, or do everything else basic in fixing photos. Fhotoroom also offers unique and stylish filters of more than 50+ to choose from: Classic Vogue, Chili Peppers, or Don Juan to name a few. Several frames are also provided to finish that photo edit, complimenting the special touch ought to be put on special captured moments.



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Taking the yet empty place of Instagram in the Windows Phone world is this photo-editing app Lomogram. But having shown its reckoning force over the Windows Phone app downloads record lately, this app by DevRain Solutions may prove to be something else and completely of its own.

With the advent of classic-looking photos everywhere, this app enables transformation of captures into unique and classic works of art, or technically “works of app”.

Equipped with more than 40 beautiful and vintage filters, custom-designed borders, and 70+ bright light effects, it is of guarantee that whatever comes out of your work will surely be classic!

In no time, your classic work will hoard lots of likes from retro-digging Facebook friends. This app connects its users to Twitter, Flickr, and Tumblr, too.

Phototastic Free


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If you are the person who loves to share a lot of photos online, this app makes it all the easier and less tedious for you!

Thumbmunkey’s Phototastic Free lets its users create very attractive-looking photo collages, arranged in however manner with more than 50 different collage arrangements to choose from. From classic frames to clean borders, or from vintage templates like Polaroid or photobooth and filmstrip borders, one can now showcase his or her fun-filled moments creatively! Its new Facebook cover photo frames can also be opted by users to use.

Lots of image effects can be added to the photo mosaic after. Its user-friendly interface then easily connects and lets its users to share the collages to Photobucket, Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.