Windows 8Windows 8 User Interface (UI) usually called as Metro by Microsoft. But the use of the word ‘Metro’ to refer to the UI (User Interface) of Windows 8, no longer be used. Views that have a strong impression of typography and quite refreshing in the appeal of Microsoft’s previous OS display.

The name ‘Metro‘ is used as a code name, which is usually to facilitate the development penyebuatan a specific project, in the internal Microsoft.

Reported use of these names will not be until later in the commercial products on the market. The news circulating, a German company that has a trademark on this name will file legal action if Microsoft is still using the word ‘Metro’ on their products.

Microsoft parties commented that the name ‘Metro Style’ is the name used during the development of their product lines. Now, before the official release as well as the transition from conversation to conversation that the industry will target a broader consumer, Microsoft will use their commercial name.

Currently, the mention that Microsoft uses to refer to ‘Metro’ is a ‘Windows 8-style UI’ to refer to the application of Windows 8 and the ‘New User Interface’ refers to their complete product line.

Legal issues can indeed be a bottleneck in the public release, apakagi Microsoft could be considered ‘bet’ is large enough to release a significant change in the look of their Windows. Let’s wait what the official name to be used as a commercial name of the look of Windows 8.

Metro is new Windows 8 Code Name.