Yahoo MessengerThis morning, when I login to Yahoo Messenger, something weird happened. Everytime the login process succeded, it was automatically show the close button and sign out again. After repeat it 3-5 times, I remember that last time I used the Yahoo Messenger, it showed notification with main message Yahoo Messenger 11.0 will not supported after December 2011.

So, I think I must upgrade my Yahoo Messenger by visiting and found the download link. Yahoo always provide the online installer for the Yahoo Messenger. Honestly, I do not like it. Because I like to collect the installer file. Even I know with current condition, Yahoo push the user to upgrade their messenger and always use the latest version.

If you similar like me, you can download the offline installer for Yahoo Messenger for Windows in English. Yahoo Messenger offer some new features. Some of features are spam management, new and more social games, new list that called recent contacts, smart archiving, quick access to emoticons, snap and share your screen and tabbed IM’s.

For more features details you can visit the Yahoo Messenger page. My favorite feature is tabbed IM’s.

Yahoo Messenger Tabbed IM’s

So, if you chat with so many people, you do not have a lot of windows. It just open 1 windows and another chat windows tabbed in that window. Please see the image below :
Yahoo Messenger 11.5

So, let’s get the newest Yahoo Messenger. And after try it, you can comment below or share which one your favorite feature in new Yahoo Messenger.