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Most frustrating problems when starting out blogging

frustrating bloggerBlogs are meant for people to share new ideas and interest with others around the globe. Blogging offers the potential to make money. Because of this, there are large number of new blogs launched everyday. Unfortunately there are some frustrating challenges that most new bloggers face and in many cases the problems are irritating enough to lead the blogger to give up. Here are the common problems that new bloggers face and also tips to overcome them.

Lack of planning

Most bloggers fail to plan at the starting of blog. They may face some difficulties in choosing the domain of their new blog. Some bloggers are unable to decide what domain is best to their blog and also they become frustrated when a particular domain is taken by others and is no longer available for them. It’s not that difficult to find a blogging domain, all you need to do is think about something you are interested in and would like to write and share with others. It can be about anything like health, cooking, fitness, movies, etc. Anything you are interested in and anything you want to learn about is the perfect domain for your blogging.

So it is necessary to plan before starting a blog. Seek the guidance from professional bloggers and stay in touch with them.

The burden of increasing posts while maintaining the quality

This is by far the most frustrating and demoralizing problem of all. Being a new blogger you are aware of the fact that you have to keep posting at least once daily. If you create more posts, your writing quality may decrease. As a result you may give up.

Wait for comments from visitors

You may get irritated when you don’t receive any comments from readers even after your sincere efforts in creating a blog post. If you find that your blog posts have trouble attracting comments, you’re not alone. Here are some ways to get the comments flowing.

  • Leave intelligent comments that make sense to the post or discussion instead of usual comment like “great post!” Make some time everyday to comment on the same blogs so that you become more familiar with the bloggers. They notice and appreciate your comments and are likely to return the favor.
  • Respond to the comments you get. Many readers will leave a URL of their blog along with their comment. You can visit their blog and leave a comment. By doing so, they will really appreciate your concern for visiting their site and posting a comment. This helps to establish a community of new blog and once it is set, other things move smoothly.
  • Make sure to ask questions to the readers at the end of every post. Also make it clear that you are expecting their feedback. This is a great way to get the comments flowing.

Not getting more traffic

The biggest challenge for many bloggers is to get more traffic to their site. Most bloggers don’t focus on how to attract visitors unless their blog has been launched and they find less number of visitors. In blogosphere, everyone wants to get more traffic. But for new blogs gaining traffic is not that easy and it sometimes leads the bloggers to give up and quit blogging. Here are few tips for getting visitors to your site.

  • Revisit your posts and check that the content you have provided is original. Think of the ways to differentiate your blog from others in the industry. Improve the quality of your posts to attract and retain readers.
  • Write guest posts for other blogs. This way you will be getting links to your blog, gain popularity in the industry, have a chance to expose your talent and you’ll get an opportunity to interact with other blog owners and editors.
  • Though traffic coming from social media sites is not of high quality, they are still a good source of traffic that works well for new blogs.

Low income or revenue

Although many bloggers want to make money, in reality only a few succeed in doing so. If you’re blogging to make money from your blog but not earning the right revenue then here are a few tips.

  • Building a successful blog takes some time. You won’t be earning a significant income in the first couple of months. Many bloggers don’t have patience and seek immediate results. So, to earn realistic income, you need to have patience and put more efforts.
  • Identify the problems that your readers face and try solving them.

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