Art is perceived by the senses but it fills a person’s soul. The wonder of art is mysterious yet undeniable. There are a lot of people who just cannot seem to get enough of it. These applications give them the convenience of enjoying different works of art on their mobile devices.


layers appThis application is a complete art studio right inside your mobile device. It has everything that you will ever need to put your creative juices in good use even when you are on the go.

This application allows the mobile device application user to create their masterpiece using maximum of five layers and different drawing and painting tools such as the paintbrush and eraser.

There are a lot of tools that can be used so the application user will surely find the perfect tool that he or she needs. This application is free to download and use. However, it is upgradable with the addition of fifteen tools. Both versions allow the application user to use all imaginable colors.


 artstudio appsArt studio gives the mobile device application user to manipulate any photo, any way they want. They can draw, paint, and edit photos using a wide variety of tools.

This application comes with 40 filters that will surely make any photo look interesting. It also has 21 blending options. Its full version gives the app user hundreds of ways to create art with its brushes and different tools.

The full version costs $4.99. However, if people would like to get a taste of what they are getting before purchase, they can download and use the lite version for free.


moma appsMoMa is a modern day art lover’s best friend. It tells people about different art pieces and sends information about the upcoming museum exhibits and other art events.

However, if the mobile device application users prefer to appreciate and learn about arts while in the comfort of their own home and their own couch, MoMa understands.

The application can educate people about arts and they can even listen to curators telling people about exhibits and different art pieces.

Bamboo Paper (IOS, Android)

bamboo paper apps

The simplicity of this application’s interface captures the heart of the application users. People can sketch their hearts out with a wide range of pencils for different purposes.

It also allows users to organize his or her work in a virtual notebook that comes with the application.


artrage appsArtRage gives the person a canvass painting experience. There are not much things for user interface that will keep you from having a clear view of the canvass and nothing else.

The multi-touch feature leaves frees you from the use of additional user interface. Just like the real thing, the application monitors how much paint was used and the moistness of the paint.

This application costs $1.99 to download.


dailyart apps
The application name says it all. DailyArt sends the mobile device application user a piece of art daily and with the art comes comprehensive information about it.

This is great for arts education students and teachers. And the best thing about it is that it is free to download and use.

Sketch Club

sketch club apps
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This application allows the mobile device application user to sketch with its flexible brush that may be used in more than 40 different ways.

The best thing about this application is that it is easily integrated with social media so the application user can share his or her work anytime, anywhere.

Mobile devices are very powerful that it can be used for any imaginable purpose through its applications. It may be used for learning, for practicing one’s skills and talents, and for sharing their output with their friends anywhere in the world.