star wars the old republicThe major advantage of this game is its user friendliness SWTOR has astounding features including full subtitles, colour blind friendly mini-map, the ability to queue up powers and AoE looting.  There is also a one-click mail system where you can choose any item from your inboxSWTOR provides the gamer the capacity to utilize mouse sensitivity settings, voice activation software and on-screen keyboards.

Star Wars: The Old Republic like any MMOs has its own weaknesses and strengths. Some of its strengths include the storyline and levelling. Only few MMOs offer an ALT command option to play through the story. Although it is an MMO but when you play it, it is just like a single-player game. The only time you need to play in group is to accomplish heroic missions and flashpoints.  You acquire social points through groupings but your social level doesn’t really matter much in the end.

Nevertheless, the game is pleasurable primarily because of the storyline and the levelling. Owing to the creativity of the story and its being extremely well done, the most attractive choice is to invent a new character or ridiculously create a PvP until you get Valour 60 at the very least.

My final opinion on Star Wars: The Old Republic is it is truly a cool game.  I was not convinced of it until I played the beta.  I told myself before trying STWOR, I will never play MMO again but I was dead wrong. WTOR is a game worth playing for.

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