Search Engine MarketingMarketing your blog or site is important. Without marketing, no way you will get the revenue. Unless you blogging just for fun. Every day so many blogs or sites created. Your site or blog must compete with all those blogs or sites. I found so many bloggers have create their blog, but then they confuse how to make their blog have traffic and revenue. Or they forget to do some marketing about their blog.

Below, I will try to share some ways to marketing your blog, online or offline.

 25 Ways to Marketing your Blog

  1. Try to have your own domain, not free domain like,, or other free blog platform. By have own domain, you can freely modify anything related to your domain.
  2. Choose one of CMS platform. I recomend WordPress. But you may choose another platform, as long as it easy to do search engine marketing with that platform.
  3. Try to find a good look template or themes. It’s better if your theme related with your content. You may see my WordPress Themes Studio and hope that you can find a theme that suitable for you.
  4. Research keywords and develop a glossary – Keyword Discovery, WordTracker, SitePoint, SEOBook Keyword Research. Good keyword will be easier to marketing in search engines.
  5. Optimize your blog. If you use WordPress, you may use some plugin to optimize your blog. Optimize for website loading time and also optimize for search engine marketing.
  6. Enable automatic trackback and ping functionality. These features is good for your marketing plan.
  7. Create Feedburner account and enable feed tracking. This feature will collect and build email list, and then you can do email marketing with that list.
  8. Setup Google acount for Sitemap, validate it.
  9. Format archived posts, related posts.
  10. Enable statistics for tracking, such as Google Analytics, ClickTracks, HiStats, etc. With statistic, you may evaluate your last marketing step, and then do new marketing plan.
  11. Submit RSS feed and Blog URL to prominent RSS and Blog directories / search engines.
  12. If you have some budget, you may submit blog url to paid directories with categories for blogs – Yahoo, BOTW, bCentral, WOW, JoeAnt.
  13. Identify authoritative blogs, web sites and hubs for outbound resource links and blogroll.
  14. Link building. Even the new Google Panda said that no need backlinks, but still, with backlinks you can achieve more good result. If you think this is not important, do this step as the last step if you have spare time.
  15. If podcast or video content are available, submit to Podcast and Vlog directories.
  16. Optimize and distribute a press release announcing blog.
  17. Post regularly.
    If it’s a news oriented blog, 3-5 times per day. If it’s an authoritative blog, 3-5 times per week, but each post must be unique and high value.
  18. Join some relevant forum. Make some discussion threads and you may ask another use to give feedback or review for your blog.
  19. Comment on relevant topic related blog. Also known as blogwalking.
  20. Always respond comment on your blog.
    For step 19 and 20, for WordPress user,  you may use CommentLuv plugin. This plugin really great.
  21. Monitor your inbound and outbound links, comments, pingback, trackback and traffic.
  22. Try to make contact or friendship with another bloggers with same topics.
  23. If you make blog posts that get some content from another bloggers, don’t be affraid to mention the source with link and mention the blogger’s name.
  24. Use social network and social media services.
  25. Print your web address and share it everywhere as the offline marketing. You also may print the URL with the keyword.
    Example : WordPress Theme – Print it in some papers and then share it anywhere possible. Do not make some rubbish.

Almost all 25 ways above known, but somehow, we always skip or miss it. Of course, every step not simple. Every step have its own explain or details. I hope that next post, I can share those steps one by one, according to my experience when marketing my blogs / sites.

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