Increase PageviewsNowadays, with PTC ads like Google Adsense or Yahoo Publisher, you may drive some new traffic (little more pageviews) to your site or blog. Of course it will increase your income. But the most important thing is how to make this new visitors will come back again to your site or blog, and read more pages ?? Visitors read more pages means more pageviews.

Here is some tips to increase your pageviews :

  1. You must have sitemap in your site or blog. With sitemap, the visitors can see all your posts and pages. Visitors will easier to find which one that will want to read. If they easy to find they will read it and of course tis will increase your pageviews.
  2. Use your articles as pages. Or if you use wordpress as your CMS, change the permalink to /%postname%/. This will make your posts and pages look like the same. It will make visitors easier to remember your articles and easier when try to search it again. The other benefit is search engine also like this permalink. Thismake another chance get some new traffic from Search Engine. It mean more pageviews.
  3. Try to link your article to another article that have related content. It will create more chances for visitors to read your another articles. It mean more pageviews. If you use wordpress, you may try some related content plugin to do this.
  4. Create your favorite articles list or page. This list or page contains links that will direct the visitors to your favorite articles. You also can said this list as the Top Articles or Top Posts. If you use wordpress, you also can try to search some plugin that can help creating this list.
  5. Write once per week special projects. These are a series of articles on a particular topic.  Each time add links to previous posts in that series.
  6. Link your article to another articles from your another blog, that have related content. It can be 2 ways links or one way link.
  7. Be creative. Use the tips in this article, plus invent some of your own ways to interlink your blogposts together. Create pages. Don’t just post and forget. That content is valuable, use it. Do not make people search your blog. Bring it to them. That is just good customer service.

I hope this tips can helps you to increase your pageviews. More pageviews mean more average time in your site, and of course more income.