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Why Facebook should not be your call to promote your business online

FacebookThe advent of social media and sites as Facebook has given a platform to people to share and communicate with each other. Friends and families communicate with each other and sometimes business issues too get discussed.

However, Facebook cannot be used for mass business promotion. Below are listed the reasons for Facebook not being your call to promote the online business.

1.) No two ways medium

As a marketer one can argue the fact that Facebook can provide them with a number of opportunities to have Likes for their business. This in their case could help them build audience. The fact however is that Facebook never cares for this fact as it never thinks from the perspective of those who are into business.

This social networking medium is smart enough to take any such misadventure and if it realizes that one is using the platform unrealistically, Facebook can simply mark this as a spam. Avoid this assumption and try looking for other mediums for business promotion.

2.) Personal Platform for People

Realize the fact that Facebook is a medium to communicate among family and friends. Using the same for promoting business online makes little sense as people do not use it for business purpose. Those who use the same for communicating with friends and family rarely use the same for checking out for any business initiative. This makes Facebook and non viable medium for promoting any business venture. Try other mediums and you will be able to realize the true worth of online marketing.

3.) Not a Home Base just an Outpost

You will find that many marketers are available in the market who finds that Facebook is their outpost and the same is done at the cost of home base. One must realize the fact that home base is actually a place where one has good control. This essentially means that one should be using home base site to promote business and desist from using Facebook as the home base.

On your site you can modify the content as per your convenience which can never be the case with Facebook. The better option is to have a Facebook page and use it as a subsidiary along with your main website to promote your initiative. This way you will be able to concentrate on developing the business and simultaneously use Facebook to connect to friends and family and let them know about your business ventures.

4.) Facebook does not translate into business

You might be assuming that advertising about your business venture on Facebook might bring new business dealings for you. However, this fact is not true. You might be able to generate some queries for your venture but most likely it will result in some likes and comments for your business venture.

Business is all about making profits and generating people’s interest in your venture. Do not consider this post as Facebook bashing in any form. Facebook is an excellent medium for communication between families and friends but one need to look for new options when it comes to business promotion.

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