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Google API Update and SEOQuake

seoquakeAs one of Internet Society, I installed SEOQuake plugin in my firefox. This SEOQuake help me to show stats of sites that I browse. But since last week, I really really confuse, the Pagerank (PR) in SEOQUake always show N/A result. I try to use check PR webtools to find out, my SEOQuake is broken or not. But some check PR webtools also error and can not show the result.

I try to find out by browsing and ask in webmaster related forum about this. Finally I found out the information, it tell that Google have updated their API (Application Programming Interface).
The old API :


change to :


This informatin mean I must edit/change the parameter in my SEOQuake plugin. The step that I do :

1. Right click in the SEOQuake icon, you can find it in bottom right of browser, or top left on the seoquake toolbar.
2. Click on Preference
3. In the first tab (Parameter), choose Google Pagerank, and then click Edit button. You will find the old parameter :

[NAME]=Google pagerank

4. Change it to :

[NAME]=Google pagerank

5. Then click Save.

After do these steps you will find that the SEOQuake plugin can show the PR normally.

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