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Making friends with an editorial calendar

writing and publishingAs a writer, you can make many friends through your writings. However, you have to make some plans for making it happen as well. Since, the power of writing is so intense that will automatically attract the friends from the all quarters of the society. Actually, our society is knitted with the scripted principles. Therefore, we never ignore it. Moreover, a writer should be organized in such a way that his or her writing can reach to the core of the society fully. Therefore, in this direction, there is a need for an editorial calendar for every writer as well. Because, it will help the writer to organize his or her writing in the orderly manner also. Actually, the writer should maintain an editorial calendar for the betterment of his or her writing career.


It is very much important for any writer to schedule his or her writing habit at the regular interval as well. The reason is that maintaining a writing schedule will make any person as a good writer. Moreover, the need for maintaining writing schedule will make the writer more room for concentrating on its writing skill. Actually, the schedule will help you to build the good foundation for making the friends in the writing community. Even, you can make your friends to engage in your writing network as well.

The reason is that you can earn the knowledge from your friend’s interactions with you and their feedback as well. Moreover, you will achieve a lot of satisfaction from their helps as well. Since, the scheduled writing habit will give you many opportunities to sharpen your writing skill. The reason is that the orderly mannerism will increase discipline in your personality and it will help you to build your name brand in the writing community as well.


It is the vital habit for any writer. The reason is that you should always check the chronological article list, which you have written over the times. Actually, it will help you to determine the repeated article writing during your writing career. Moreover, you will able to check whether you have written the same article for a couple of times and if you find that you have written a same article for the numbers of time, then you should check this habit at any cost. Otherwise, your writing skill will be jeopardized at least.

Therefore, you have to keep your eyes open in this matter as well. It is observed that when you do the repeated writing on the same article, then your expression and sentence structure will be badly affected and your writing style will not be updated at all. Actually, your situation will be at standstill condition. At the regular interval, you should maintain a rechecking schedule once in a week. As this habit will make your progress further and you will be in the better shape as well.

Error checking

You should make a schedule for error checking in your writing at the regular interval. The reason is that it will increase your efficiency as well as your reputation as a good writer. Since, the grammatical errors of the articles should be corrected at frequent manner. The reason is that it will increase the intelligence and dedication on your writing skill as well.


It is observed that sometimes you have to rewrite the articles, which you have already written. However, in this time, you will require to update with some new information for the betterment of the articles. It is a better move for updating your articles over the times. Because, it will increase the readership of your articles and you will able to establish yourself as a dedicated writer in the writing community as well. When you like to rewrite your article at the regular interval, then you should make a schedule for it. As it will help, you to do it regularly and it will sharpen your writing skill as well.


Moreover, you have to maintain the regular publishing of your articles. It will help you to build the robust network in the internet community. Since, the regular publishing habit also will help you to get deep delve into the expression, sentence structuring, word manipulation in your writing skill. Therefore, more published articles will build a solid platform for you as well. Actually, the constant writing practice will make you perfect and your writing resonance will spread around your reader’s world as well.

Therefore, you will able to expand your friendship circle through an editorial calendar over the time and it will make you move towards the writing perfection.

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