firefoxGet the latest and stable version of Firefox 9.0. You will found Super speed, Fast, flexible, secure browser. Huge performance changes have been made in this release, while there aren’t any user interface changes that you’ll notice.

What’s new in Firefox 9.0:

  1. Added Type Inference (The feature now quickly chooses how to handle JavaScript, which doesn’t require a developer to define a variable. That makes the browser work overtime, but with type inference, the difference in performance is definitely noticeable.), significantly improving JavaScript performance
  2. Improved theme integration for Mac OS X Lion
  3. Added two finger swipe navigation for Mac OS X Lion
  4. Added support for querying Do Not Track status via JavaScript
  5. Added support for font-stretch
  6. Improved support for text-overflow
  7. Improved standards support for HTML5, MathML, and CSS
  8. Fixed several stability issues
  9. Fixed several security issues.

Some Review of Firefox 9 :

Firefox 9 Pros

  • Faster JavaScript performance.
  • Excellent standards support.
  • Cool bookmark organization with Panorama.
  • Pinned sites for all-the-time access.
  • Syncing for tabs, history, passwords and more.
  • Graphics hardware acceleration.
  • Cross-platform.

Firefox 9 Cons

  • Still trails Chrome and IE9 on some benchmarks.
  • Lacks client-side tracking protection like that found in IE9.
  • Lacks Chrome’s built in Flash, PDF reader, and Instant page view.
  • Trails Chrome in HTML5 support.
  • No new-tab page helpers.

Download Firefox 9:

Mozilla provides Firefox for Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X in a variety of languages. You can get the latest released version of Firefox here.

Installing :
Please note that installing a new version of Firefox will overwrite your existing installation of Firefox. You won’t lose any of your bookmarks or browsing history, but some of your extensions and other add-ons might not work until updates for them are made available.

Add-ons and Themes:
You can get Add-ons and Themes by opening the Add-ons Manager, or by visiting the Firefox 9 Add-ons Web site.

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