SEO and Social Media OptimizationSEO or Search Engine Optimization is a very simple technique. Every search engine has its own algorithm that you have to get an idea about and optimize your websites such that more users can find your page in the first few search results. An easy way to understand this is to match the expectations of the search engine with the SEO and direct more traffic to your website. These days, search engines are emphasizing on multiple factors, driving the need for SEO to evolve along with them.

Old-school SEO

In the late 1990s, webmasters began with SEO by increasing keyword density in their pages and obtaining higher ranking in search engine results. Once search engines recognized this problem, they began creating better algorithms to keep webmasters from tampering with rankings. Since then, search engines have been creating different algorithms to tackle the loopholes and control internet traffic problems.

So far, webmasters have relied on the algorithms and used SEO according to the algorithms. Now, the algorithms are unreliable, as the competition between search engines has upset the quality of search results. The webmasters have to upgrade from the old-school SEO to keep their websites visible in the search results.

Writing and SEO

Techies can chase algorithms forever and keep manipulating until they lock on the answer. However, webmasters cannot wait that long or take chances. This is where an SEO copywriter or a writer enters the arena. They are involved in analyzing keywords, adwords, etc., and help with marketing the content on your page. Just like blogs, SEO has now adopted ‘pay per click’ strategy and transformed it to a non-paying approach where users click to gain access to websites linked with the content.

Social media and SEO

As all organizations have begun marketing their content on the internet, they have made a move toward all social networking websites. While promoting content in social media websites, visual aspect of the content plays is given a lot of importance. Content writers now concentrate on composing creative titles and articles that can attract readers and increase the potential for sharing the content across the network.

A guide to new SEO

You can post articles with keywords linked to your website on various blogging networks. Let your articles have original content with topics that readers can relate to. Have your SEO writers incorporate links within keywords and adwords in the articles. Promote these articles on the social networking sites. Since Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin are a few of the most popular networks where content can go viral, you can optimize your content to suit all these sites.

When a website allows you to post content that has just 140 characters or even less than that, the title of your article cannot be too long. You have to think of a short and catchy title that grabs the attention of the reader. Titles with words like ‘How to’ and ‘tips’ are the most popular ones that attract readers and are often searched for. So, make the title and the meta description of your web page sound intriguing to the readers so they would want to know more and click on the links.

Observe the trends and keep adapting accordingly because SEO will continue to evolve for years to come. So, if you want your website getting noticed by many, you need to keep track of what’s changing in the field of SEO.

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