SEO basicYou will be surprised to know that more than 60% of the internet users use different search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing on a regular basis. Gradually people are becoming dependent on the search engines to find out even the trivial things like buying a book online or finding a local plumber. If you are a seasoned blogger or new to the blogging world, then you would need huge quality traffic to survive in world of blogs. As more and more people are turning to search engines to find solutions to their queries, getting a top rank in SERP will mean loads of high quality traffic. The sales conversion will also increase due to the rise in traffic.

1. SEO ensures more business

SEO helps he blog to secure a good rank by optimizing its content. A good ranking in SERP means that the website will get more traffic. The visitors to your website actually searched for something on the search engine and came to your website for a solution that your website may offer. They are known as potential clients. Now converting these potential clients into real clients would depend upon the nature of the material available on the blog. So SEO is actually giving you a platform to make loads of money from these blogs by giving you heavy traffic.

2. SEO establishes you as a brand

If your website comes up in the first page of SERP then the people get an impression that you have an authority website revolving around that search keywords. In other words, this is known as establishing a brand and people consider your website as an authority website in that particular search keyword domain. There have been many surveys and each one has proved that more than 70% people click on the top 10 results of the page and SEO helps you to get a position in the top.

3. SEO helps to build Online Reputation Management

It is a known fact that SEO helps in online reputation management too. Your online reputation gets a fillip when you get a top position in SERP. People start noticing as you regularly come up in the top position of the search engine results. Though online reputation is particularly important for online businesses, its importance among bloggers cannot be discounted. A positive online reputation is a great advantage for bloggers as it helps him to create an authority on a subject or keywords.

4. The myth about SEO

Many people are of the opinion that SEO is just a waste of money which is nothing but wrong thing. If you want to be a successful blogger then you need to have useful and unique content, a flow of good traffic, a top position in the search engine results and establishment of the blog writer as a brand.
SEO is a very important concept which helps you to achieve all this and much more. People are now gradually becoming aware of the ‘need of SEO’ for success as a blogger. It is important for any blogger to learn the basics of SEO to be successful in this field.

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