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According to statistics, a computer user spends six hours browsing the Internet on average each day. That is quite long if you consider all the hours that we need to spend at work, sleeping or running errands that do not require a computer. The millions of websites that inhabit cyberspace are one of the many reasons why people are drawn to spending most of their time in front of computers. Websites have become pretty powerful tools not just in business but even in personal relationships as well. To help you better understand the significance of the role websites play in our lives, here are some of the most common website boo-boos:

  • Cobwebs on Your Content

Aside from the aesthetics that make up a website, its quality also depends on the quality of the content. When you say quality, it includes the frequency of posting articles and updating the content found on the site. Why would you let your website go stale with outdated content? Users do not appreciate that. One of the most common reasons why people browse the web is to keep themselves up to speed with the latest news and happenings all around the globe. Your website might not be a news site but it is still imperative that your content is up to date. Let us say you have a website for your restaurant business. You changed locations but the address on the site remains to be the old one simply because you were too lazy to change it or contact your webmaster to update it. What happens then? When an Internet user, who is also a potential customer, stumbles upon your blog and takes note of the address posted on your site, chances are they will arrive at a place where your restaurant used to be. That, right there, is a loss for your business.

  • Thinking You Don’t Need One

If you think that you do not need to have a site, you are utterly wrong, especially if you are running a business that could hugely benefit from having a website. Overlooking the importance of having a website for your business, whether it is a restaurant, a PBX management system provider, or a shoe store is a great disservice to your own enterprise. A website is a great marketing tool. It allows your business to reach the markets you would not normally reach and it keeps your consumers updated of your latest products, promos. It also makes it easier for your potential consumers to reach you. It gives the impression that you are approachable.

  • Do Not Forget the Call to Action

There is nothing worse than having an online shop that lacks a Call to Action. You may be successful in drawing in potential consumers to your site with the help of great marketing techniques but find that you still failed. This is simply because you forgot to let them know what you want them to do. Do you want them to buy your products? Avail of your services? Perhaps like your Facebook page? Failing to let them know what you want them to do is like a gun with no bullets; it’s rendered useless. So, never forget about these Call to Action phrases because they do make a difference.

In business, there are actually no shortcuts or easy ways out. It is imperative that you go through the normal process without sacrificing your creativity or vision. Investing in a site that will be the face of your business is a great tool for success which most people do not realize. And although most websites require maintenance, they are actually worth all the work and effort.

By Monique Violet Jones

Monique Jones juggles being a wife to an Engineer and a mom to a witty kid. In her spare time, she entails herself in getting the word out about the RingCentral business voip. Find her on Google+.