iphone 5c

Apple on September 3th sent out media invitations to a September 10 special event that is expected to serve as a launch pad for a new wave of products from the Cupertino, CA computing giant.

The event will take place in the company headquarters, the Apple Campus, at 10 AM PT, according to the information on the invitation that gave out nothing much except for the text, “This should brighten everyone’s day.” The accompanying colorful dots may pertain to Apple’s upcoming iOS7 operating system or the reportedly colorful budget versions of the iPhone dubbed 5C.

Despite Apple’s best efforts to keep the said products under the radar until the big day, rumors about these new releases started circulating around the web.

iPhone 5C

Apple is reportedly going to unveil multiple devices on the 10th, particularly a cheaper alternative iPhone called 5C by the press.

The 5C is said to be a watered-down version of the iPhone that will feature a plastic backing which comes in multiple colors like red, yellow, green, and blue aside from the basic black and white units as seen from the leaked photos that first appeared on Chinese technology blog sites.

iphone 5c

image source: credits to http://capitalfm.co.ke/

Technology-wise, the iPhone 5C will reportedly remain faithful to its predecessor, the iPhone 5.

Evidence suggesting that the iPhone 5C will start retailing on September 20th surfaced online after case manufacturer Case-Mate showed off iPhone 5C cases with the same shipping date on their official site.

iPhone 5S

Surprisingly, the upcoming iPhone 5S isn’t as exciting as the previous releases, because rumor has it that it will arrive in the same four-inch screen and same retina resolution as the latest iPhone in the market.

Over the past years, the Jobs-founded company has always been following this pattern of releasing a new phone design each year and an ‘upgraded’ version the following year; it’s been quite boring so to speak.

iphone 5s

image source: credits to http://www.techzinemagazine.com

But perhaps the new feature of the bumped-up version of Apple’s iPhone 5 that’s gaining buzz is that it is rumored to have a gold-colored finish (actually more of a subtle champagne color) and a graphite or slate gray version aside from the standard white and black ones, which instantly made metallic color-loving fans thrilled to the bone.

Additionally, the upcoming phone is said to contain Apple’s new A7 processor, iOS 7, an improved camera, and a fingerprint sensor.

iOS 7

The September 10 event is also said to be introducing an operating system upgrade that’s reportedly a “from-the-ground-up overhaul” with a shocking new look.

iOS 7 is also getting a Control Center which puts user settings on top of everything, a Notifications feature that allows users to pull-down a tab for alerts and other recent activity, and an overhaul of the Safari browser in terms of searching.

Apple’s iOS will also be undergoing a major design change that will turn the interface into a more flat yet elegant one.

By Monique Violet Jones

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