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Scrutinizing the Blu Products Life Play

Among the myriad of affordable handheld devices that saturates the market nowadays, how can you ensure that you will have the best device for your use? Bear in mind that budget smartphones, by virtue of the fact that they suffer from budget slash, have to resort to compromises in specs and features.

To be able to keep your device responsive to your specific needs, you have to come up with a list of standards that should be met by your device. These standards take into consideration the peculiar needs of your household or business. This means that you have to conduct an assessment of your household or business situation so that you can come up with an objective basis by which you have to measure your prospective handsets against.

blu life play

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For example, if you have a considerable number of mobile employees, then your smartphone should be able to connect them to your office. More particularly, your handheld device should be able to access your office-based business communication system such as RingCentral PBX—among others. This will help you increase the productivity and efficiency inside and outside your workplace.

One of the affordable handset that you can take into consideration when selecting the best smartphone for you is the Blu Products Life Play. It is also an unlocked smartphone which means that you are free from the restrictions of an on-contract deal.

A quick glance at the Blu Products Life Play

There are a number of advantages to purchasing this phone aside from the fact that it is unlocked and budget-friendly. For example, for a product of its price, surprisingly sports an attractive thin body, a large screen, and a more-than-respectable camera. It also runs the Android Jelly Bean operating system.

While it has advantages, the Life Play has a number of disadvantages, too. As expected this phone has a slow processor, not to mention that it comes with a limited 4GB onboard memory. Moreover, the Blu Products Life Play lacks 4G LTE support.

Aside from the low price, what else to look forward to the Blu Products Life Play?

This handset comes with an astoundingly low price of $299. But with this price, is buying it the best deal for you? Take a look at the various specifications of this device for you to find out.

When it comes to the design of this device, the Blu Products Life Play boasts of an impressive, ultrathin design. It measures 5.3” in height, 2.7” in width and 0.31” in thickness. In fact, it is thinner than the HTC One, which is 0.37” in thickness. It weighs ounces. The external hardware of this device include a 3.5mm headphone jack and a micro-USB port.

Meanwhile, in terms of display specifications, this smartphone sports a 4.7” HD IPS LCD screen that has a resolution of 1280 x 720p. The viewing angles are also sufficiently wide and the photos, text and video admirable sharp and crisp.

This handheld device is powered by the near-stock version of the Android 4.2.1 Jelly Bea operating system. It comes with the common Google apps such a Gmail, Google Play,  Google+, YouTube and Messenger, among others.

In terms of performance, the Blu Products Life Play is fitted with an unusual 1.2GHz quad-core MediaTek MT6589 processor paired with 1GB of RAM. This chipset is disappointingly slow. This is redeemed by the fact that this device has an excellent battery life, rating at 8 hours and 23 minutes in a video playback drain test.

Should you buy the Blu Products Life Play?

While it is definitely a great bargain, the Blu Products Life may not be the best deal for your enterprise. The LG Nexus 4, which sports better performance and higher-end specs is a wiser option at just $229.

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