Draw SomethingDraw Something ? What is that ??

If you think that Angry Birds is the most popular game in mobile devices today, according to Zynga, you are wrong. Because, the most downloaded games for mobile phones or tablet now is Draw Something.

Yes, Draw Something is a game on mobile devices with the highest growth. Within 50 days, this game has been downloaded 50 million times. In one second, there are 3,000 images can be created with this application.

Zynga, which bought the company acquired simultaneously Draw Something OMGPOP developer with transaction value of U.S. $ 180 million last month, even dare to claim that this game is the most popular game all the time.

Draw Something, you could say a digital version of the classic game, Pictionary game. Therefore, how to play very similar. According to Zynga, a social networking this is the game’s first drawing in a variety of mobile devices.

How to play it simple. You are asked to draw whatever they pleased. Then, upload via the Internet network. Your colleagues in other devices to guess what the picture was. If true, there is a value obtained.

These values ​​can later be used to buy some other purpose for drawing, such as more color. Although quite simple, interest in this amazing game.

Draw Something is available in a paid or free versions of IOS and Android platforms. Specifically for Android, can be played on any device, be it a smart phone or tablet. The condition should have a touch screen.

»After a lengthy discussion with a team of Zynga, we realized that they were very interested in this game. Then they offered to Draw Something further develop as a social networking game. We agree, “said the boss OMGPOP, Dan Porter.

Draw Something is first appeared in the App Store. However, Apple states do not have detailed data on how many downloaders of this game really is. Apple claims have not been able to verify these claims Zynga stated.

Draw Something Defeat Angry Birds Space

Even so, successful Draw Something grabs the attention of fans of the game can be seen from the list of most downloaded game on iPhone Apps. There, Draw Something topped the latest sequel to defeat even the artificial Rovio Angry Birds, the Angry Birds Space.

In a statement, Zynga says, “We believe Draw Something not only as a mobile gaming device with the fastest growth exceeded 50 million in 50 days, but also as the most amazing game we’ve ever seen.”

Zynga, the developer of the popular social games on Facebook Farmville, claimed that more than 6 billion pictures have been created through this application. In fact, the first day of its launch, there were only three pictures that go.

So many who play this game, Internet security experts warned that gamers are more careful. Now emerging scams that take advantage of the popularity of the Draw Something, such as the lure of prizes through the social networking site Twitter.

Draw Something is fun. Although you are not good at drawing, you can still play this game, which is so penebak images that you send your friends. So Draw Something or Angry Birds?