Cyber SecurityAnonymous hacker group yesterday said it would make China as their target. This anonymous hacker group claimed to have paved the Chinese government’s official site 300 as a form of protest against the censorship of information in cyberspace. The struggle will continue. Targets (site to be hacked) we have chosen, the anonymous hacker group said in an email to AFP.

Anonymous Hacker Against China Government Censor

In his message, Anonymous hacker warned the Chinese government that they are not perfect. Today, anonymous hacker plow your site. In the future your government who are perishing. “The Chinese people are reminded that their government is trying to censor information in the virtual world, for the benefit of the regime. ”

These threats arise from the close of 16 sites and the arrest of six people of China at the end of March. They were accused of spreading rumors about the safety conditions that are not normally in the capital Beijing. The incident occurred after the leaking of political rumors about the overthrow of the Communist Party chief city of Chongqing, Bo Xilai.

Chinese society is the world’s largest population, with 500 thousand people who have internet literate. But the circulation of information in the Bamboo Curtain country was minimal due to the strict censorship imposed by the government.

After all, the Chinese government remains adamant to maintain the sensor information through cyberspace, and make cyber security as the reason. As reported by the armed forces of China Daily, Liberation Army, all members of the forces in China are required to obey the Communist Party and ignore the rumors circulating in cyberspace. Do not ever believe in any rumor, especially from the virtual world, and remain obedient to Chairman Hu, it said in its headline.

I think with that statement and published in China newspaper headline, in future, we will find another cyber security war, between the anonymous hacker and China government.